Forest Deptt to start Nilgai translocation from Feb first week

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Jan 2018 11:20:39

Staff Reporter,

Continuing it ambitious plan, Madhya Pradesh Forest Department set to start translocation of over 1,000 Nilgai (Blue Bull) from Malwa, Nimad and Bundelkhand in February first week.This time, Forest Department would do vasectomy of all blue bulls before leaving them in open forest area. The department has got approval to leave the 1,000 Nilgai in Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary.

Taking experience from district Mandsaur, Forest Department planned to make several districts free from the issue creating because of Nilgai. There are about 33,000 Nilgai across State giving tough time to the farmers. They are destroying their crops. Forest Department has planned to do fencing of forest areas where they will be shifting so that they would not move out.

“We have targeted to shift Nilgai through Boma method. It would be great help for farmers,” said Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (wildlife wing) Jitendra Agrawal. He further informed recently forest department captured Nilgai from Mandsaur district and left them in Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary. Now, Forest Department is facing difficulty to keep them engage in forest area as they are trying to move out in residential area. Therefore, Forest Department has planned to do fencing of areas before leaving them. The project would be kicked off from district Chhatarpur.

Probably it is for the first time in country when a State Government is translocating blue bull through natural (Boma) process. Earlier, many state governments made it legal for farmers to kill Nilgai by seeking permission of authorities by citing continual damage to their standing crops. The Nilgai were have been captured by Forest Department through Boma methodology and shifted in two phase. Officials have marked all the blue bulls via red colour for identification in jungle. In Boma technique, Forest Department formed 1-1 kilometre long walls on both side. According to sources, Forest Department formed Boma technique to capture the Nilgai with cost of Rs 10 lakh. In this process, animals get shifted to other place without having physical harm or tranquillisation. Earlier, Boma process was used by Kanha National Park and Van Vihar.


Kanha tigress strays out of Mawai town with two cubs

Forest Department has tightened the noose around Mawai town under Mandla (East) very close to Kanha Tiger Reserve on Friday as a tigress strayed out there along with cubs. District forest team and Kanha officials have interacted with the villagers to avoid night out and also deployed team to ensure safety of the feline.

Talking to ‘The Hitavada’ P P Titari, District Forest Officer (DFO), Mandla East, said, “I have personally visited the area and interacted with the villagers to avoid any kind of man-animal conflict. Team has been assigned there to ensure safety of felines. Villagers have been asked to avoid night out.” He further said it is natural process and tigress changes the location with cubs for ensuring safety from other male tigers. Mawai town is mainly populated by the Baiga and Gaud tribals. It is about 25 kilometres away from Kanha Tiger Reserve. Titari said, apart from forest team, local administration is also monitoring the tigress and cubs. The tigress was witnessed at Mawai police station on January 11.

The leopard punched on boy and dragged him into jungle. On Sunday, leopard has killed two children including a ten year boy from Bijo Pathar and five year girl from Mohli Village. He said leopard will be relocated after capturing him successfully. Villagers said on Sunday, the leopard attacked in day hours and killed the girl in-front of her house. Just after six hours of the incident, leopard again attacked and killed 10 year old boy 3 kilometer away from the area.