With sweetness of ‘til-gud’ on taste buds, it’s time to touch the sky with kites

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Jan 2018 11:57:33

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Jan 12,

Gone are the days when ‘Makar Sankranti’ celebrations used to be a day of merriment and the skies were dotted with kites of every imaginable shape and colour but today shop owners lament the lack of enthusiasm for the festival. Like all festivals, ‘Sankranti’ celebrations have changed over the years in the city. Even then the sesame (til) made ladoos and other eatables have flooded every joints of the markets in the city along with variety of kites. Also many social organisations, housing societies and schools organize their own kite flying events.

“Work and family obligations coupled with lack of time have taken fun out of the festival,” said Md Hassan, a whole seller of readymade Kites at Jawahar market. The stalls have already put up their display of kites but takers have been few and far between. “This year kites carrying portraits of PM Modi, Digital India and cartoon characters are very popular,” said another vendor from Sungadhi Bai Patang Center. Wholesale prices for kites range from Rs 10 to Rs 200 per kite. Prices for individual kites vary, depending on how elaborate the kite is, but prices start from Rs 200 onwards, he added. 

Another popular buy during this festival are the til gud ladoos. Made of sesame (til) seeds and jaggery, they are exchanged as a token of goodwill on this day. Ready with their colourful stock, vendors can be seen in every hook and nook of the city making brisk business these days.