How to make our youngsters understand importance of money?

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 Jan 2018 09:31:30





THE clarity in their thinking was absolutely amazing. Those few youngsters were on a lookout for part-time jobs. They looked from reasonably well-to-do families. Then, why did they need jobs? Did they need money to spend the way they liked? Were their parents opposed to their ways of doing things? No, there was nothing like that, they asserted. But they added something that revealed their positive personalities.

One of them said, in effect, “Uncle, whenever we ask for whatever amount of money, our parents grant us that. Then we spend the money the way we like. But that also leaves us with one nagging question: ‘How much work our parents must be doing to make that money!’ So we decided to seek part-time jobs for ourselves so that we would know what it took to earn money”, said one of the youngsters who came calling.

That was absolutely amazing experience. For the first time, I was meeting youngsters with such sobriety in their personalities. Whether the system will have appropriate jobs for them for a couple of hours every day or not, is something only time will tell. But the very fact that a few young people wish to get engaged in part-time jobs so that they know what it takes to earn money, is a very heartening thought.

It is not easy to come across such young people these days. For, whatever youngsters one meets during the course of work or social outings end up talking about a long wish-list in which there does not appear much concern for what it takes to make money, or what efforts must be needed to make certain projects successful. Most youngsters only have demands but no thought about raising the resources to have the demands’ list fulfilled.

My mind darts back to my college days when my well-to-do father asked me to look for avenues to earn some money. I did and started making reasonable amounts of money from those small endeavours, one of which included selling vegetables on the pavement. Each time I made some money and took it to parents, both of them asked me to give that income away to a good social cause. In those young days, without even batting an eyelid, I would give that money away to something altruistic. I never felt bad that all my earning was being given away to a cause that was least on my mind.

“That is exactly my purpose,” Father said once. “I want you to realise that when we give you money to spend on stupid things, we also feel that the money is being wasted. But in your case, you are giving it away to some good cause. That will bring you much satisfaction, if you think deeply about the whole thing.”

Of course, it took some time to realise that my money was being given to the best possible cause and that really made me feel happy about myself. Unfortunately, we still are to evolve a system that will encourage our youngsters to make some money and spend it at right places and for right purposes. But it appears to be the right thing to be done. Let us encourage our youngsters to earn some money and then know its importance.