19-yr-old Mumbai lad begins ‘Dustbin Installation Drive’ in city

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 15 Jan 2018 09:21:56


By Alka Panse Tiwari,

Neelabh Tewari has installed total 11 dustbins at Futala Lake

Neelabh Tewari is just 19-year-old. A graduate in hotel management, he has recently shifted to city some six months ago for his job. Contrary to many Mumbaikars, he has fallen in love with the city for its greenery and open space to breathe in. The young guy is keen to make the city a more better place in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. And here, he came up with a ‘Dustbin Installation Drive’ in the city. To begin the drive with, Neelabh alone installed 11 dustbins at Futala Lake.

Neelabh has just entered the ‘youth journey’ of his life. Where the teenagers of his age group are lost in their own lives, this hotel management graduate is very much inspired by Pradhan Mantri Swachha Bharat Abhiyan. Following the footsteps, Neelabh didn’t wait for anybody to begin the noble cause. It is said charity begins at home and it is true in Neelabh’s case. His elder brother, Abhinav Tewari, a legal advisor at ICICI Bank, raised funds to help his brother in this noble cause. Neelabh’s friend, Nikhil Shrivastav from city also supported him in the drive.

Sharing his liking about the city, Neelabh told ‘The Hitavada’ that shifting from Mumbai to Nagpur is much like detoxification for him. “I recently moved to Nagpur for my first job and in no time I fell in love with the greenness of this city, along with the fresh breath of air. After living in Mumbai for three years, this shift was much deserved, like a detoxification. But as familiarity breeds contempt, I also found a few things that were pretty irksome, first being the roadside garbage. Though it is a very common occurrence in our country, I felt really bad about it here, because it didn't match with its environment and thus, I decided to make a small contribution in cleaning it.”

Before starting the drive, Neelabh conducted some research. He found out what kind of dustbins would be needed, how much a single piece of dustbin would cost including the transport charges and labour charges.
Neelabh informed that he has spent total Rs 7700 to set up 11 dustbins at Futala Lake, one dustbin costs Rs 700 including the labour charges and the stand.

When asked him why he chose Futala Lake and he replied, “Futala is one of the happening places in the city where people of all age groups love to spend time. Whenever I had been there with my friends, I hardly find any dustbin around, and it inevitably went in my pockets or my friend’s. Thus, one random day I decided to start the drive so that the citizens will not only be aware of this problem but will become responsible too and may come up with good contribution.”

Neelabh’s initiative received hundreds of appreciating words from the general public, hawkers, visitors and many. The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC), too, praised Neelabh
for his contribution in cleaning the city. NMC officials are
circulating his good deed with photos in many social networking sites to make people aware about it. Neelabh met Zonal Officer of NMC Dharampeth Zone D P Tembekar who has assured him that the dustbins he has installed will be maintained and cleaned regularly.

Neelabh has opened a donation fund box with an NGO, Milaap, for the completion of his next goal, which is installing 50 more dustbins around the city.