Source: The Hitavada      Date: 16 Jan 2018 10:25:50











THE statement made by Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley that the GDP growth is not justifiable unless the benefits are evident in the farm sector is realistic, if we take a look at the pitiable condition of the farmers. Since Independence, the thrust of successive governments was on rapid industrialisation. As a result, while industries blossomed, farm sector remained neglected, leading to a paradoxical situation, where on the one hand our granaries are overflowing, and, on the other hand farmers who produce the grains are living in penury, forcing many of them to end their lives due to heavy debt burden. This is a clear indication that the growth of the economy has not brought desired results to the farmers. Rural economy, which used to thrive on cottage industry, has been destroyed, leading to the present crisis. It’s wrong to look at the farmer community in an isolation. They comprise of villagers engaged in various trades associated with farming. Thus, while promoting industry, care should also be taken to ensure that the rural economy is not put to disadvantage.



IT IS truly a good news that as many as 800 Naxal-affected young people have secured jobs in 18 multi-national companies (NMCs) at a job fair organised recently by the Community Information and Research Centre (CIRC) headed by a dynamic person named Mr. Nasir Hashmi. He could convince a few NMCs to look for talent in backward areas affected by Naxalite menace. They agreed and the job fair yielded as many as 800 young people good enough for jobs in the companies. This is certainly a great achievement by any standard, and a befitting response to the Naxalite aggression in backward areas. If such developmental initiatives are undertaken on a regular basis, the ability of the Naxalites and their various frontal organisations to impact the poor tribals’ lives negatively will be vastly reduced. The Maharashtra Government has been conducting a lot of such activities with reasonable degrees of success. This new initiative has added one more feather in the Government’s cap. The endeavour should be to step up such activities so that the needy youth get proper help.