What did I offer to the Last Year

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 16 Jan 2018 10:45:05


By nitin bakshi,

What did I offer to 2017 to inculcate positive changes within to make me a better person?
While asking following questions to yourself think about you as a person before the start of the last year I.e. at the end of the year 2016. Now you ask yourself following questions. What positive changes have you brought within yourself during the year 2017? Have you started to wake up earlier in the morning than that of 2016 ? Have you started to provide a small period of the morning for exercise, morning walk or yoga?

If you are over-weight, have you tried your best to shed your obesity in a planned manner? In order to keep you motivated have you read some books? If your answer is yes, then can your name few books? Have you added few like-minded friends to your list of true friends? What positive effect has been provided by these books and friends? Can you list out the positive changes in your way of thinking during the year 2017? If you are able to answer a few questions, you are free to celebrate the New Year party with an aim to provide the remaining answer by the end of the year 2018.

What did I offer to 2017 in my capacity as a responsible family member and as an important social entity?
This is another aspect towards we need to concentrate a lot. You can certainly ask several questions to you about the changes which took place in the family and society because of your active participation. You initial responsibilities are for your family and then for the society in which you live. You can ask following questions to yourself to satisfy yourself whether you have done your duties properly and have offered some quality stuff to 2017.

Have you discharged your duties properly as a responsible family member to help maintain harmony in the family? Have you played your part to the best of your abilities while playing a role in solving important family problem? What exactly did you do to maintain harmonious relations amongst all family members? What efforts were taken by you to enhance the warmth in the various relationships like father/mother-son, husband-wife, brother-sister in your family? Have you understood importance of your role as a responsible citizen in the society?

Which sector in the society was benefited by your active involvement? Have you been a part of any social group during the last year? Can you recall any instance whereby you rendered exceptional services to society? Have you ever been involved in helping any physically challenged person? There are several aspects on which you need to make yourself answerable. If you have carried out the jobs mentioned above, your contribution to the elapsing year would be remembered by one and all as a responsible citizen.

What did I offer to the last year as a youngster or as a student?
If you happen to be a student, give it a thought as to what exactly you did to boost your credentials as a brilliant student. If you are able to answer following questions, you probably have a better chance of repeating your success in the current year also. Going by the results of various exams in which I appeared, what are the exact positives for me as a student? Had I set comprehensive time table for my studies? Whether I had some specific targets for me as a student? Was I able to be friendly with those who are better than me in studies? What plans were there for me in the year 2017 to achieve the set targets?

Did I go about studying exactly as per the set time table? If I am on the verge of completing my studies, have I given a thought to my next move after studies? Which career am I going to pursue after completing my studies? Have I consulted some career counseling expert regarding the aspect of career? If necessary, have I made any plan to undergo some training to suit my chosen career? You can ask various such questions to yourself to ascertain that you have actually did some commendable activities during the last year.

What did I offer to the last year to ensure a healthy push to my career or my business?
Friends, this juncture wherein you are supposed to shape your career or your business would always be a crucial period of your life. You need to have some prominent questions to put before you. Whether I am enjoying sound relations with my bosses, peers as well as sub-ordinates? If not then what exactly did you during the last year to bring harmony? Are you discharging your duties in both the roles i.e. as a boss or as an employee? Are you compromising with the moral values while discharging your duties? Are you discharging due diligence to get promoted to the higher cadre in due time?

Have you taken sufficient care of your investments to take care of your retirement life? If you are working as a business man, you can pose following questions for you to answer. What exact measures have I taken to enhance the brand value of my business? Did I keep myself updated about the level of competition my business is facing? Have I studied the ever-increasing expectations of my customers? What measures did I undertake to meet these expectations of my customers?

What kind of training did I undergo to help me carry out my business in a better way? What exact efforts were taken by me to improve upon my business skills such as communication skills, body language, time management, strategic decision making, marketing abilities and latest trends in information technology? If you have answer to these questions, your business must have done well in the year 2017, else you need to pull up your socks and do something serious to pull your business out of the woods.
What did I offer to the last year in terms of exact positive changes for me as a whole?

Here the nature of questions that will be asked will provide you complete picture of what you did for yourself. Here you just do not have to ask questions but you have to get them in written form also. You should be able to write down those effects which you brought about in yourself and that in turn helped you as a person, student, family member, youngster, employee, boss, career and businessman. There is no point in beating about bush as far as the positives are concerned. By the time, the readers must have come to know that I sincerely advise you all to ask all these questions and seek answers of the same from yourself.

At the end of this article, I have to make one thing very clear that about ninety five percent persons do not ask any question to anybody including ourselves, because they know that the answers to most of these questions would be ‘no’ only. That brings dejection to them for not being able to perform their role in any of the given portfolio. Nobody likes to be reminded about those activities in which he has failed miserably.

Friends I have elaborated a different method to celebrate the New Year. This method requires you to pose few important questions for yourself to analyse and answer as well. Suppose the maximum answers you get after asking the above questions is ‘no’, you do not have to get dejected. The year 2017 has just gone by, but the year 2018 has just started. Even if you have not offered anything worth-while to 2017, you can take all care in advance so that you will be able to offer something substantial at least to the current year i.e. 2018.

Think about it and go flat out throughout the year with your efforts, so that you would be in a better position to bid good-bye to 2018 in a completely positive manner.
(The author is Director, The First Step, Akola and can be reached at [email protected])