Source: The Hitavada      Date: 18 Jan 2018 11:39:07










IT MUST be a heart-wrenching experience for the eleven-year-old Mosho Holtzberg, the Israeli boy whose parents were killed in the 25/11 terror strike on Mumbai nine years ago, to visit the place where the dastardly attack had taken place. For a two-year-old, which he was then, the memories of the bloody event might not mean much since he must not have comprehended what was happening around him. Yet, when the attack took place, he must have felt its horror, must have clung to his mother in manic which he could not verbalise, must have shouted for his father when that brave man put up whatever resistance he could in those moments! Now, as he visited those very places, Mosho may be able to link things with his deep-seated memory of that incident. For him, the whole experience must be terribly traumatic. But he is going through all that because he wants to know what happened actually. As an eleven-year-old, he is old enough to register the right message for larger humanity -- the message of peace, the lesson of the global fight against terrorism.


THE world tennis is witnessing a great threesome -- Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic -- surging back to forefront after setbacks due to various compelling reasons including injuries. All the three have been World Number 1. Rafa Nadal is once again at the top slot while the other two have enjoyed the glory before. Each of them is an embodiment of excellence and all the effort that is needed to occupy the top slot. Their grit, determination, dedication, and personal discipline of a very high order have become examples for youngsters the world over to emulate. These three great men are no longer in the prime of youth. Yet, each of them is trying the hardest to return to the top spot, showcasing how to pursue excellence. They have one resource in common -- human grit. Only one of them is going to be occupying the top spot -- technically. But in the fans’ minds, all of them are worth the glory. This is the real grandeur of sports. Each one of those few in the top league deserves to be ‘there’ -- at the peak!