Source: The Hitavada      Date: 19 Jan 2018 10:46:06










PRIME Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is receiving all-round praise from almost all foreign leaders. Earlier, the US President Mr. Donald Trump had lavished praise on Mr. Modi for his vision to take India ahead at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation in Vietnam. And now, visiting Israeli Prime Minister Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu has praised Mr. Modi, appreciating his innovative ideas and efforts to make India a global power. Mr. Modi has also been ranked as the third most popular leader in the world. This should make every Indian proud about the Prime Minister, who is making untiring efforts to better the lives of the countrymen and support him wholeheartedly in meeting his objectives. Unfortunately, while Mr. Modi is earning wholesome praise from the world leaders, there are some Opposition leaders in the country, who see everything wrong in whatever Mr. Modi does. They are on the forefront in putting a spoke in the decisions taken by the Prime Minister. They should respect Mr. Modi’s vision and allow him work, in the interest of the nation.


KUDOS to the Maharashra Government headed by Mr. Devendra Fadnavis for giving one per cent reservation for orphans in Government jobs. While there have been violent protests from various communities demanding quota, here was a much deprived section of the society, about whose plight no one has bothered to raise a voice. Orphans face a lot of difficulties, once they are out of their institutes after the completion of their term, and face the cruel world outside. As they don’t come under any caste category to claim the benefits of reservation, they fail to get Government jobs, which are pocketed by others. This is a great injustice to the orphans. The Maharashtra Government, therefore, should be complemented for being sensitive and sensible in taking the decision. Orphans live a life of deprivation right from the beginning for no fault of theirs. The wrong committed on them needs to be corrected . The Maharashtra Government has done just that. It would be better if other States also emulate Maharashtra on this count.