Bright little star

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Jan 2018 10:29:59


By Aasawari Shenolikar,

He walks in with a swagger, flashes a smile, extends a tiny hand and says, “Hello.” This gesture alone is enough to win over anyone’s heart. Pranit Gopalani, the cute roly poly bundle of immense talent sits down with aplomb to talk about his achievements in the field of advertising and entertainment. But by the time he settles down, and his mother Trishna also makes herself comfortable, his attention gets diverted. After all , how long can a child - all of five and a half years - be expected to behave in a prim and proper way. With a naughty twinkle in his eye, he says very innocently, “Mere bare mein mummy batayegi.” He is then free to wander around, sit in the chair, and be as inquisitive as any normal kid would be.

But then Pranit is not an ordinary kid. He is exceptionally gifted. His extraordinary talent of memorising advertisements, dialogues, songs etc - that he’d watch on the TV and then perform live in front of one and all, without mistakes, without any hesitation, was noticed by his parents. “The trigger that Pranit could make a name for himself on the entertainment platform at such a young age came from the Chotta RJ Contest that was held in Nagpur by The Twinkle Club. Pranit was crowned the winner and this paved the path for our next move,” says his mother Trishna.

It was during that time auditions for Sabse Bada Kalakaar at Mumbai were doing the rounds on TV. Their decision to explore this avenue further paid rich dividends for the parents were introduced to the functioning of the reality shows and they also got leads about how they could take it further.

“We were lucky that we met good people who directed us on the right path and within no time, a couple of advertisements fell into Pranit’s lap,” says Trishna, the doting mother, who must be commended for ensuring that success has not gone to the child’s head. “It’s a competitive world out there even for kids. Thousands of kids audition for shows and I am aware that success can go to a child’s head, even someone who is as young as my own son,” she says, and she does her best to keep him grounded.

Which is why she doesn’t believe in pushing him. “He is too young to decide for himself and it is upto us - his father and I - to choose on what is right and how much is right. We want to give equal importance to education. We are glad that he is a bright child who does well in his studies. We are also thankful that even though his achievements are flashed on the notice board and Facebook Page of Mount Litera Zee, where he studies in the first standard, the teachers treat him as any other student.”

He skates, he cycles, he swims and like every other kid, loves Shinchan and Maggi. When Pranit is quizzed as to what he likes to watch on TV, pat comes the reply, “The serial in which I play a boy who is lost and the advertisements featuring me.”

He played an important role in Ek Aastha Aisi Bhi, a serial on Star Plus. And he is seen in a couple of ads of Flipkart that feature kids. Ask him to mouth a dialogue from the ad and he quickly gets into the mood and utters, “I am paid peanuts.”

Giggling he adds that he loved to play the little lost boy in Ek Aastha Aisi Bhi. But naturally, as of now, he wants to become a Hero. And he loves giving autographs. Before he laboriously signs on a blank paper his trademark signature ‘Love, Pranit,’ he looks at me sheepishly and says, “My handwriting is bad.

” The smile broadens when I show him my scrawls and he innocently asks me, “Will my handwriting be as bad as yours when I grow up?” The child, in all his innocence, speaks and his candidness brings on a smile, leaving me in a happy state of mind for interacting with a bundle of innocence and a mother who is balancing her kids professional and personal life because she has his best interests at heart.