Industry status to logistics will reap benefits: VED

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Jan 2018 10:20:25


Business Bureau,

For giving an impetus to logistics in Nagpur, Government intervention is necessary to facilitate entrepreneurs from entering this emerging professional arena so that Nagpur can develop as a top class central India hub.
While today, 60 per cent of goods are shipped by roads, with the Bharatmala network expressways coming up, road travel would increase in future as 75 per cent of the goods would be shipped by road.

The expressways would make the speed of goods faster and cheaper, and especially convenient as much bigger, 30-tonner goods carriers, would be pressed into service, said Devendra Parekh, President of Vidarbha Economic Development Council (VED).

Warehousing too would be a major part of the logistics of the region as transhipment of goods would be done from here Nagpur being the centre.

With the Government of Maharashtra granting industry status to logistics, several facilities would be put into place, he said. “Right now there is no logistics zoning and while these should be planned according to the size of the plots including considering consolidation of plots owned by plot owners, it is also essential that anyone holding any amount of agricultural land anywhere should be permitted to create warehouses on his land for which all facilities will be provided,” Parekh said.

Entrepreneurs should be free to convert their land from agri to industrial which would give entrepreneurs a choice of areas to make warehouses on lands owned by them and not only within the 3 villages earmarked by the NIT, said Rahul Upganlawar, Secretary General of VED.

“To make the dream come true, NIT should take a suo motu decision to develop the 3 villages under Nagpur Metro Region but simultaneously allow entrepreneurs to erect warehouses anywhere they wish to and provide all the facilities,” he said.

He said, industry status would make the policy easy and convenient in all ways. Once logistics gains industry status, several procedures would get easier like exemption of stamp duty and Mathadi workers’ exemption.

“A concession in electricity tariff as in industry and change of land-use-plan will all provide an impetus to entrepreneurs. Most importantly, the charges to be paid for plan sanctioning which today are an exorbitantly mind-boggling amount of the ready reckoner rate, would have to be drastically reduced to invite interested parties,” Upganlawar said.

Industry status would also mean that the FSI would be the same for logistics as for industry.
He urged to remove these bottlenecks to make it more attractive which can be achieved only through intervention by the Government of Maharashtra.