Open defecation: Govt empowers NMC to impose spot fine

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Jan 2018 09:46:04


Staff Reporter,

Spitting, urinating at public places to attract instant penalty

To make Maharashtra neat and clean, the State Government has empowered local bodies to recover huge fine from the citizens for creating nuisance on city roads by throwing garbage, spitting, urinating and open defecation. The local body will levy fine of Rs 500 for open defecation as per these directions.

However, these directions have also underlined the need to have more public toilets and urinals on public streets and markets areas for the convenience of citizens and in absence of adequate number of public toilets, these laudable initiatives will remain only on paper.

Urban Development Department of Maharashtra Government has delegated powers to local body to levy spot fine to the offenders. Central Government is conducting a drive under Swachh Bharat Mission to maintain cleanliness in the cities. The government has provided individual and public toilets to maximum number of citizens to maintain hygiene in the cities. The Central Government has given task of open defection free and clean cities to all urban local bodies. The Swachh Maharashtra Mission is also being implemented in every city. President of India had declared urban areas of Maharashtra as open defecation free cities.

The government has also directed local bodies to segregate dry and wet garbage in every city under Waste Management and Disposal rules. The civic bodies have started initiative to segregate waste as per the directions of the government.

However, it was found that the citizens were not taking these directions seriously and continue to throw garbage on the roads, spitting, and indulge in urinating in open space along public streets. The open defecation is still going on at several places. Therefore, government has empowered municipal corporations to levy heavy fine on the offenders to stop such practices.

As per the directions, the A, B and C category Municipal Corporations will levy fine of Rs 180 for throwing garbage on the roads, while Rs 150 will be fined for spitting at public places, and Rs 200 for urinating on public roads and Rs 500 for open defecation.

Clean Prabhag contest

To promote cleanliness in the city, the State Government has organised competition at prabhag level from January 1 to February 28, 2018. The third party inspection will be held till March 20 to decide the best ward of the city. The first three wards will get attractive prizes from the government.
The first prize of A and B category municipal corporation will be Rs 50 lakh, second prize will be Rs 35 lakh, and third prize will be Rs 20 lakh. The prizes for C and D category Municipal Corporations are as follows: Rs 30 lakh first prize, Rs 20 lakh second prize and Rs 15 lakh third prize. The prizes for municipal councils are as follows: first prize for A category council will be Rs 30 lakh, Rs 20 lakh for B category, and Rs 15 lakh for C category. The second prize for A category is Rs 20 lakh, Rs 15 lakh for B category and Rs 10 lakh for C category. The third prize for A category is Rs 15 lakh, Rs 10 for B category and Rs 5 for C category. The corporations and municipal councils will have to work hard for house to house garbage collection, segregation of garbage, beautification of garbage dumping spots, individual toilets, and others.

Swachhata survey at national-level

Central Government will conduct Swachhata Survey in the January at the national level. The State Government has declared awards for the AMRUT cities and non AMRUT cities of the state to get top position in the survey. The first three cities under AMRUT will get award of Rs 20 crore while from fourth to tenth number cities will get award of Rs 15 crore. The non AMRUT cities will get award of Rs 15 crore for first three cities, Rs 10 crore for fourth to tenth cities and Rs 5 crore for those ranked between 11 th to 50.