Zero pendency mission: Disabled fully equipped to be self-reliant

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Jan 2018 09:37:35



By Ajay Mardikar,

The overwhelming success of zero pendency mission for issuing certificates for the disabled, should be an eye-opener for those responsible for implementation of various Govern-ment schemes. This could also be an ideal example for the social organisations working in different fields.
Despite being implemented through Government agency, the manner in which it achieved the success, should be emulated by various other Government departments.

Out of about 6,400 identified persons with disability (PwD), 5,600 in Nagpur district have been issued the required certificates and the process for the remaining is in process. It is also ensured that the certificate reaches the PwD at his residence, through speed post. This include 4,300 in rural and 2,100 in urban areas. All the PwD in urban area have been issued the certificates, whereas 3,500 from rural area have received them so far. This include renewal of the certificates.

The District Disability Rehabilitation Centre, with Co-ordinator Abhijit Raut has completed the task in just 100 days. While talking to The Hitavada about the mission, the feeling of satisfaction was lit large on Raut’s face. While planning the entire procedure Raut took care that all the information about the PwD, including needs which could arise in the future, will be available at the office of the District Collector. The information can be seen with a click of computer mouse. The information will help in implementation of any Government scheme with absolute

The data collected has been categorised based on age, kind of disability, caste group, village, taluka, and district-level. While issuing certificates the forms related to getting benefits of railway concession, insurance and other Government schemes were also collected. The PwD will get documents related to this at their residence. Government Resolutions, information about schemes for PwD under Shabri and Ramabai Ambedkar Gharkul Yojana, prescribed application forms have been sent along with the certificate, through speed post. The bar code of every parcel dispatched has been maintained in the office.

The Government has planned linking these certificates with Aadhar Card. This linkage will facilitate extending benefits under various schemes of the Centre and the State.
The data collected will also help in eliminating duplication of aids and same person usurping benefits under different schemes. The help extended can also be matching the need of the disabled person. Higher prevalence of disability among OBC and SC category has opened new door for further studies. Raut has planned to conduct such study based on prevalence of disability - caste-wise and area-wise, and the reasons behind it.

Raut is hopeful that the information thus collected will be followed by counselling and rehabilitation of the PwD in the near future.