new star

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Jan 2018 14:00:49

THE South Indian politics is all set to change with the announcement by film legend Mr. Rajinikanth that he would launch a political party of his own. The details will, of course, follow later, but the mood is already set. There is little doubt that Mr. Rajinikanth will fetch a great following of mind-boggling proportions. For, entire South, and Tamil Nadu in particular, sees him as a symbol of honesty and toughness of fight against whatever is bane, whatever is evil, and whatever is not acceptable to standards of goodness. ‘Thalavia’ Rajinikanth, thus, seems set to launch his debut into politics with a bang in the next some time.

Let there be no doubt that Mr. Rajinikanth’s political narrative will vastly differ from the standard pitch that other political parties in South dish out generally. No doubt, he too will follow the trend of person-centric leadership. But then, if that is the style of politics in South, then he would not like to try another route. He would be the central figure in his party and millions will follow him, as they did in the cases of other leaders such as the late Jayaram Jayalalitha or Mr. M. Karunanidhi.

That similarity apart, Mr. Rajinikanth’s party will be different in form and content. And sure enough, that is the only way he will have to follow. For, if he followed the same route as do others, then he would never be able to carve his own signature on southern politics. Thus, charting an entirely different course of political action is Mr. Rajinikanth’s compulsion.

The whole nation and its political community will watch the development. For, what Southern Indian needs by way of politics at this stage is some narrative that would turn away from person-centric politics. And, going by whatever is available from the personality of Mr. Rajinikanth, his political party will be far more democratic in nature than other parties in Southern India. The best conjecture is that he will try to achieve a fine mix of personalised leadership and democratised functioning of the party. That would prove to be an effective answer to the styles of other political parties that are now threatening to get torn apart following the exit or near-exit of their respective supremos. Against this background, Mr. Rajinikanth has a great chance to show what he stands for.

Southern politics often has a bi-polar field. With two main players in Tamil Nadu, the AIADMK and the DMK, threatening to get torn by internal fights, Mr. Rajinikanth’s new political party will attract good numbers of people seeking certain political direction. It is widely believed that money also plays a big part in political action in southern India. It is against this background that Mr. Rajinikanth has an opportunity to carve out an altogether different identity for his new party. If he shapes his narrative in a unique manner, if he is able to offer a truly democratic internal functioning of his new organisation, then he has a great chance to emerge also as a superstar on the horizon.

Much will depend upon how Mr. Rajinikanth shapes his organisation and what kind of leadership module he accepts for himself. Going by the available info, there is reason to believe that he will try to shape his new organisation in a manner that is completely different from the AIADMK and DMK models.

Political philosophy apart, what will matter most initially for him is the organisational model the new party will assume. If it appeals to the masses, then Mr. Rajinikanth’s party will lead the field right from the word ‘Go’. If he falls prey to the temptation of working in a supremo-manner, then some other results may be expected. Let alone the details, there is no doubt that not just the South but the whole of India is looking forward to the new arrival on the political horizon.