Source: The Hitavada      Date: 20 Jan 2018 10:26:24

IN order to achieve the set target of doubling foreign tourists to 20 mn by the year 2020, the Government as well as the people will have to really work hard. It is a harsh reality that though India has much more to offer to the foreign tourists compared to other nations, it has not been able to cash it. On the other hand, smaller nations like Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia have emerged as hot tourist spots.

In order to make India attractive, the Government will have to act on several fronts. It is a height of paradox that in a country which believes in ‘Atithi devo bhava’, (Guests are like God), foreign tourists are ill-treated by almost everyone, including guides, shopkeepers, hotel owners and transporters. There are no world-class facilities available to them.

The first thing that a tourist notices as he lands is filth and garbage strewn everywhere. There is no proper upkeep of monuments, nor any authentic information is readily available about them. The Government will have to work hard on providing security, sanitation, world-class amenities and comfort in order to achieve the set target.



THE Sanskrit word ‘Virat’ has a grand meaning. It signifies greatness, grandeur. In Virat Kohli’s case, too, these meanings make sense. In the International Cricket Council (ICC) Awards, he has dominated the scene with the Cricketer of the Year and the Captain of the Year awards. That his team is not in a winning mode at the moment, makes little sense.

For, in the past one year, Virat Kohli has taught the world what winning is. He won matches. He made runs. He made history. That is why the legendary Sachin Tendulkar insisted, Virat deserves all the honours on the way. But there is little doubt that the South African debacle must be hurting Kohli like nothing else. There is little doubt that he would make plans to bounce back in winning ways.

For, the man’s commitment to excellence matches with only his own. So, as is his wont, Virat Kohli would love to leave the ICC honours behind as quickly as possible and start moving ahead. He has a long away season and he would make good plans to face it squarely. That is the essence of his personality.