Trade should be a service to the society, says Dr Shashibala

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 21 Jan 2018 10:17:02


Business Bureau,

THE nature had provided enough forour needs and nothing forour greed, said Dr Shashibala, Dean, Centre For Indology, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Delhi Kendra. She wasdeliveringthekeynote address at the inaugural session of the 29th National Conference of Maharashtra StateCommerce Association (MSCA), on the theme‘Roleof Culture,Ethos and Indian Philosophy in Commerce and Industry’, organised by the Central Institute of Business Management Research and Development (CIBMRD) in association with the Department of Commerce, RTMNU at Guru Nanak Bhavan.

The other dignitaries present on the dais were Dr Jayraj Salgaonkar, Editor, Co-founder, Publisherand Managing Director of ‘Kalnirnay’, Dr Girish Gandhi, President of Krishi Vikas Pratishthan, Dr Ashish Deshmukh, MLA, Dr Baban Taywade, President of MSCA, Dr Amishi Arora, Conference Secretary and Director,CIBMRD, Dr TA Shiware, Executive President, MSCA, Dr G Y Shitole, General Secretary,Dr VS Kannan, Vice-Principal of KES’ Shroff College, Mumbai. Dr Shashibala further added thatthelifewasmadeoftwotiers -- first was the outer tier which was the human body and the other one was the ‘Jivkruparjan’. “People have lots of money but still they are dissatisfied in life.

The reason is they have forgotten valueslike ‘Gyan,Tap,Karma’. Trade should be a service to the society and notfor satisfying our excessgreed,for which we exploit or pollute the society and environment,” Dr Shashibala said. Through Sanskrit Shlokas from the Bhagwat Gita, she conveyed the management lessons which can be learned and applied to the industry. The other keynote speaker Dr Jayraj Salgaonkar said: “Culture matters to lifestyle and lifestyle matters toculture”. He explained as tohow all the festivals and seasons affected the commerce and industry to emphas is ethe impact of culture on them. He emphasised as to how each festival generated business.

“Every branded company does its 35 per cent of business during Diwali festival,”Dr Salgaonkar said.Heal so stressed about bare foot economists. “The need of the hour is that the economists and commerce people must go to the grass root level. Measuring GDP alone will not help us. We have to go back to the Gandhian model of village,” he said. In her introductory remarks, Dr Amishi Arora, Conference Secretary and Director,CIBMRD, shed light on the background of the prestigious event and elaborated the significance of the theme.

She said: “The treasure house of knowledge is in our scriptures,thus we must use those principles to solve our problems”. Dr Baban Taywade and Dr T A Shiware, gave details about the association and its activities.The MSCA’s report was presented by Dr G Y Shitole. Dr V S Kannan, in his presidential address, stated that so far we had learnt about management as a subject from Western countries and now it was time to learn from our own cultural values and share it with the Western world. Dr Girish Gandhi expressedthe need to address the new challenges. He also suggested the august gathering to adopt the philosophy of trusteeship. MLA Ashish Deshmukh urged that the economists must be able to solve the relevant problems of thesociety.“Research must bring prosperity to the villages. Research must be given a new direction to the problems of masses,” he said. The distribution of awards was done at the hands of Dr Girish Gandhi and Dr Ashish Deshmukh.

The programme was conducted by DrK Thakre, while Dr Anant Deshmukh, HoD, Commerce Department, RTMNU proposed the vote of thanks. The programme was attended by a large number of dignitaries, delegates and participants from the academic fraternity of Commerce.