Not working to isolate Pak, efforts on to unite world against terror: Modi

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 22 Jan 2018 09:10:52



PRIME Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday rejected the notion that India was putting “so much hard work” to isolate Pakistan, asserting that his efforts were aimed at uniting the world powers to defeat terrorism as his country has been suffering from the scourge since decades.
He said the suggestion that the country’s foreign policy was based on Pakistan was wrong but stressed that the world was uniting against those sympathetic towards terrorists, an apparent reference to the neighbouring country.

“If you think we are doing so much hard work around the world to isolate one nation, then that is wrong. This is not our work. Yes, the world is grappling with the scourge of terrorism and whoever is sympathetic towards terrorists, the world is uniting against them,” he told Times Now in an interview.

India’s foreign policy is issue-based and is in the context of its relations with the world, he said.
Modi also praised US President Donald Trump for raising his voice against terror with “a lot of assertion”.
“I welcome him and I respect him. Whoever takes a step against terrorism, I will welcome them and praise them, because my country has been suffering from terrorism for forty years. Innocents are being killed. Terrorism needs to end in the world,” he said.

“CONGRESS-FREE INDIA IS ABOUT GETTING RID OF CONG CULTURE”: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said his slogan of ‘Congress-free India’ was not about eliminating the main opposition party politically but about ridding the country of the “Congress culture” which he termed as casteist, dynastic, corrupt and involving total control over power among other ills.

Maintaining that the Congress has been the “main pillar” of politics in the country that spread its culture to all political parties, he said that his call for “Congress mukt” or ‘Congress-free India’ was “symbolic” and he wants even the Congress to be free of the “Congress culture”.
GOVT, POLITICAL PARTIES SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM CURRENT JUDICIAL CRISIS: MODI: In his first comments on the judicial crisis, Modi said the Government and political parties must stay out of it while expressing confidence that the judiciary will sit together to find a solution to its problems.

He also said the Indian judiciary has a bright history and is full of very capable people.
PM SAYS HE IS OPEN TO GST CHANGES TO PLUG LOOPHOLES, MAKE IT MORE EFFICIENT: Six months into the rollout and after dozens of changes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he is open to more changes in the GST to plug loopholes and make it a more efficient tax.
He also attacked those opposing the Goods and Services Tax (GST), saying they were “insulting” Parliament.
“The GST too is a new system. I have been saying this since the day one that people will take some time to adjust to the new system,” he said. “We will have to improve wherever there are loopholes.”

He said a united attempt should be made to develop an efficient system even it requires six months or two years. “Everyone should attempt to deliver a product to this nation which will be useful for a longer period. This is a process and our intention is good. Our efforts
are underway.”

‘NEXT BUDGET MAY NOT BE POPULIST’: Prime Minister Narendra Modi indicated that the upcoming Budget will not be a populist one and said it’s a myth that the common man expects “freebies and sops” from the Government. Modi stoutly defended his economic policies, saying demonetisation was “a very big success story” and that he was open to changes in the new Goods and Services Tax (GST) to plug loopholes and make it a more efficient ‘one-nation-one- tax’ system.

He rejected criticism of providing a jobless growth, saying “lies” were being spread about employment generation and his Government’s policies were oriented towards creating jobs.