Source: The Hitavada      Date: 24 Jan 2018 10:25:20











RISE in incidents of sexual abuse of women passengers in running trains is a cause of concern for all. Besides this, theft of passenger luggage and robberies by drugging passengers has also become a regular phenomenon. The situation has become so alarming that one thinks twice before allowing a lone woman to undertake even a short distance train journey. Therefore, the decision to install 12 lakh CCTV cameras in trains is welcome. As the criminals make good their escape after committing the crime in the running train mid-way, it becomes difficult to pin them down solely on the description provided by the victims. The police mainly rely on the modus operandi adopted by the criminal, which often takes a long time to detect the crime. CCTV footage can make the detection of the crime much easier for the police. Installation of CCTV will also deter many criminal-minded people from indulging in misbehaviour with co-passengers. Safety of the passengers should be of paramount importance and there should not be any compromise on it.


THE unprecedented shut down of the US Government over the failure of the Trump Government to get the Funding Bill passed in the Senate, has brought both the Treasury Benches and the Opposition together to hammer out a solution to the impasse. The Opposition Democratic party has reached an agreement with the ruling Republican party to debate the Immigration Bill, which President Mr. Donald Trump had made a prestige issue. Now that the two parties have agreed to debate the Bill, there is likelihood of the impasse over Funding Bill too ending and pave way for employees to return to work, who have been off-duty due to the impasse. There is a lesson for Indian legislators, both in Parliament and in the state legislatures. While they have every right to question Government on various issues, there should be limit to stretching opposition to Government moves. And when time comes both sides must try to bury the hatchet and strike common agreements in public interest as they duty-bound to people.