Source: The Hitavada      Date: 26 Jan 2018 10:07:57











KILLING of four cops by Naxals in Narainpur district in Chhattisgarh in a fierce gun-battle besides injuring nine others, indicates that the Naxals were in the know of the movement of the police party conducting operations in the thick jungle. That they were able to inflict heavy losses to the police force shows that the Naxals must have regrouped in large numbers to take on the cops. Though this is a temporary setback to the security forces in their war against the heavily armed rebels, there is a need to take lessons from it in order to avoid its recurrence. The Naxals have killed several security personnel in the past in similar manner by gheraoing them in jungles and opening fire from all sides. This calls for a relook in tactics adopted by the security forces. Security forces have achieved a remarkable success in their fight against Naxals. They must not let the tempo peter out at a time when anti-Naxal operations have reached a critical phase. Without losing heart over the latest setback, security forces must hit back at the Naxals with full force.



US PRESIDENT Mr. Donald Trump appears to be walking the talk on the issue of global terror. The drone strike on the much wanted Haqqani terror network in Pakistan’s Kurram agency, in which a Haqqani commander and two others were killed, shows the hardening of attitude of the Trump Administration against Pakistan’s belligerence in providing safe havens to various terror networks on its soil. The moment Mr. Trump announced stoppage of all military aid to Pakistan earlier this month it became clear that more stringent action is in the pipeline. This is an indication that the days, of looking the other way while Pakistan continues to play its duplicitous policy towards terror and still keeps on getting American aid, are over. Recent actions by the Trump administration shows that the President is firm on implementing his pre-poll promises to his people and to the world. Unless Pakistan shows willingness to learn some lessons from the latest missile strikes on its territory, there may be escalation and even expansion of action.