25 years of adding life to humanity

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 28 Jan 2018 09:11:41


By Rajendra Diwe,

Rotary Club of Nagpur South (RCNS) has set a unique example of ‘adding life to years and adding years to life’. Established in 70’s, the club has entered in its 48th year of age, but is not feeling old or tired because it is constantly ‘adding life’ through a number of activities over the years. Its novel project ‘Melghat Surgical and Diagnostic Camp’ started in 1992 has completed 25 years of service to humanity while it’s another prime project ‘Thyroid Surgical Workshop’ has entered in its 17th year.

The club has started number of projects since its inception and all these projects are adding ‘years of life’ in human beings. RCNS had organised the first Surgical Camp in Melghat at Semadoah in 1992 under the guidance of Dr S.M Patil. Dr Prakash Thosare of Forest Department had suggested organising such camps in the remote places in Melghat region in Satpuda forest range for the benefit of tribals. RCNS members agreed and started conducting Surgical Camp as its annual event.

In order to offer better health care services, the camp venue was shifted to Chikhaldara in 1993 in order to offer better health care services. Eight years later ‘Thyroid Surgical Workshop’ became a part of this annual activity. This year the silver jubilee or 25th Annual Surgical Camp was organised at Chikhaldara from January 16 to January 18 and 17th annual Thyroid Surgical Camp was held on January 20 and 21.

Amit Gokhale RCNS President said, “Over the past 25 years of philanthropic work at Melghat, the team of doctors from the RCNS has conducted more than 4500 surgeries, examined 33 to 34 thousand patients in the out-patient department, and provided food and clothing to all these patients and their relatives as well and trained over 600 surgeons. This year, doctors examined more than 3500 patients, performed 130 general surgeries, 40 cataract operations and 13 thyroid surgeries. In all 183 surgeries were performed by surgeons. The general surgeons from Sawangi Meghe Medical College and from Mumbai participated in the same.”

Noted ENT surgeon, Dr Madan Kapre, who is also a past President of RCNS, a strong guiding support for these projects stated,“The dedicated thyroid workshop has been running successfully since the past 17 years. The workshop has been drawing eager delegates from all nooks and corners of the country and some from overseas also. A satellite diagnostic camp was held at Dharni on December 30 and 31 wherein 475 tribal were examined. Out of these, patients who need to undergo general, minor and major surgeries were identified. These patients will be treated during the camp free of cost. In all 183 surgeries were performed which include general surgeries like, hydrocele, hernia, tumors, hysterectomy, ENT operations, plastic surgery, burns, polio corrective surgery, orthopedic, ophthalmic, cataract special surgeries like, thyroid, and oncology. Services of blood bank were also arranged.”

The special two day thyroid surgical workshop was held on January 20 and 21 wherein 13 patients screened earlier were treated and about 40 delegated across the country attended the workshop.

Dr Kapre said, “This model of organizing a special Thyroid Surgical Workshop which has both practical experience and teaching is only of its kind in the world. A new technique of operating diseases thyroid was developed and known as ‘Chikhaldara Technique’ across the world. Dr Gregory Randolph from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, also referred to as ‘the thyroid man of the world’, had come to Chikhaldara surgical camp in 2013 to personally experience the same. Randolph was so impressed with the quantum of surgeries performed by doctors with limited resources as well as the special technique designed specifically to preserve parathyroid gland, which lies just below the thyroid.”

Prof Dr. Neil Tolley consultant ENT – Head and Neck Surgeon from Imperial Hospital and College from London attended the workshop this year in Chikhaldara. Dr Tolley appreciated the efforts of RCNS and Dr Madan Kapre for conducting the workshop in remote area. He said, “The workshop has left me totally flabbergasted.

It was indeed a wonderful experience to witness the humble doctors, educationists, delegates and top surgeons in India living together, working together and discussing together for making life of a poor common man easy. Modern equipment, experts, services like cytology, bio-chemistry, haematology etc were as per the international standards. There was not cut short or compromise over the services. The patients got world class medical services. I am also amazed to see the arrangements, logistics etc. If I would have a trainee, I would have to come to, quality surgery, minimising complications.”

Dr Vidula Kapre, an anesthesiologist explained the new procedure of Cervical Epidural Anaesthesia (CEA) results in an effective sensory blockade of the superficial cervical which was used by her in the camp. “It is a regional anaesthesia where in one section of nerves came out of spinal cords, blocking of sensation of one particular region does not interfere using rest of regions in body,” she added.
Sanjay Tatwawadi, past president of RCNS said, “The camp was organized in the rural hospital in Chikhaldara, where an adjoining hall and facility were developed by the Rotary Club to aid the medical camp. Live communication during treatment was also enabled at the camp, wherein the delegates were allowed to see the entire process. The forest department helped the club by providing tribals pick-up and drop facilities, at several areas.”

Amit Gokhle, president of RCNS, stated, “During the course of the camp, food was made for not just the patients and doctors but even for the relatives of the patients. We have fed hygienically prepared khichdi to nearly 50,000 people on all days and had arranged for their stay as well at Municipal Council’s community halls.”

Dr Devendra Mahore demonstrated cadaveric surgeries in Government Medical College and Hospital GMCH). Live sonography was presented by Raju Khandelwal and Cytology by Dr Ravi principal instructor and faculty. The team of surgeons and doctors participated in the camp included Dr Tulsidas Bhilavekar, Dr Sadhana Mahore, Dr Sunil Kawathe, Dr Sunil Shashtri, Dr Abhishek Vaidya, Dr Ankita Kothe, Dr Anaya Kothe, Dr Neeti Kapre Gupta, Dr Jay Kulkarni, Dr Trupti Kulkarni, Dr Nilesh Mangam, Dr Sunil Wankhede, Dr Satish Deshmukh, Dr Bhavana, Dr Daidipya Patukle, Dr Rahul, Dr Monica Mahajan.

The team of RCNS members supported the camp include Amit Kukde, Ashok Marathe, Prakash Kapre, Milind Pathak, Hemant Marathe, Col Shahare, Deepak Sathawane, Vijay Sontakke, Sanjay Dhawad, Satish Raipure, Hemant Shah, Milind Pande, Sanjay Puranik, Vivek Garge, Ashutosh Joshi, Ravi Aher, Smita Gokhale, Devyani Shirkhedkar Rajana Dhawad, Manju Joshi, Sonali Pathak, Archana Marathe and Kavita Aher.