Tributes to those wise youngsters

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 28 Jan 2018 09:15:25





I F THERE are good numbers of youngsters who do not respect hard-earned money and do not mind wasting it on unnecessary purchases, there also are good numbers of youngsters who believe in saving money by spending it wisely. For such youngsters, money is not just money, but a way to attain prosperity. They also believe in the age-old dictum of “Money saved in money earned”. 

Over time, one has come across many youngsters who have made a great difference to themselves and their families by using each rupee in their possession wisely and with a sense of strict discipline. Every one of these youngsters did not belong to only poor families. Many of them belonged to well-to-do families as well but had learned to respect money. Some of these examples can be inspiring not just to other youngsters but also to elders.

One young man got a job in a local firm at a moderate pay that may be described by some as pittance. This boy belonged to a family of very limited means. He had only a couple of sets of clothes which he used smartly. He washed and ironed those himself and came to work in a smart attire. He had only a half sweater for the winter but did not buy any other one. He worked diligently and got his annual increment in the salary as others.

In just 3-4 years, he acquired for himself a second-hand two-wheeler, and built a good saving which he kept investing in various schemes and multiplied his little income. Eventually, he got admission to a major B-school and studied there with the help of educational loan. Today, he works as a senior officer in a huge public sector corporation. For him, “money is Laxmi, the Goddess”.

Another youngsters went away to study at a professional college after passing 12th standard decently. His family with moderate mean sent him a small sum of money every month to run his affairs there. Every 2-3 months, this fellow would ask his mother to send him less money. For, he added, he had saved some money by spending it frugally. He, too, got admission in a famous B-school and got help from a relative to pay his fees. Eventually, he got a decent job and ensured that he paid back the loan from the relative in a shockingly short time. Today, this boy also makes a very good income, but does not spend a single rupee without ensuring that it is utterly impossible to avoid the spending.

I also know a youngster from a well-to-do family. He also happened to study away from his home. His family sent him decent sums of money every month. He never said ‘no’ to the amount that came to him every month. At the end of his six year stay away from the family, the boy returned home and handed over to his father a lot of cash and also investment certificates that amounted close to a million rupees.

The family felt surprised and happy and also shocked to an extent. The boy said in simple words, “Dad, I did not need so much money. So I kept saving the money in my saving account and also sought a profession advice for investing in various schemers. This is our money. How could I waste it?”

I also know a young girl who came from a family of very moderate means. She worked in a company in Nagpur for a few years. Her salary, too, was moderate. Yet, in just a couple of years, this girl had put away a lot of money through smart spending and smart saving. When it was time for her to get omarried, her parents were worried about how they could manage the huge expenses. The girl smiled. She said to her father, “Please don’t worry. I have saved some money. And I also have made friends with a boy who you would appreciate. If you do, then we will have a simple marriage. Let us not waste the money in the ceremonies. That same money will help all of us in the long run.”
I have known all these examples personally and closely. I only salute all such youngsters.