Niagara By Dr Pragati Vasant Khalatkar

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Niagara By Dr Pragati Vasant Khalatkar

‘Falling in love at first sight’ phrase might have had its origin at Niagara falls. As you walk towards the fall, the humming sound of Niagara fall starts hypnotising you and once you reach in front of the Majestic fall, a beautiful view is etched in your mind, soul and memories. For the first five minutes you are cut off from the world, as you gaze at this nature’s wonder, once the panoramic view sets in your system them you start appreciating and sharing your feeling with your loved ones. Niagara river flows from lake Erie to lake Ontario. It forms border between Ontario in Canada (West) and the state of NewYok US (East).

River flows turbulently like a cranky child before plunging in the gorge and them suddenly it becomes calm and beautiful as a grown up girl. Beauty of this transforming girl is breathtaking. Once you reach Observation Tower which gives you 3600 view of the place, it is free WiFi zone. All the visitors try to share majestic beauty with their dear one’s through technology. Many telescopes are installed to have very close view of the fall, river and landscape. The tower has non obstructive railing with large spaces to occupy thousands of visitors.

Then we walked down to experience the most attractive event of the trip. ‘Maid of the Mist’ is the wonder ride where you are taken on a ride to American falls, Brides veil fall and Horse Shoe fall.You have close encounter with these falls and their misty droplets make you wet and rejuvenate your soul with unending happiness It is believed that the mist of Niagara Falls generates negative ions, which help secrete natural endorphins (Love hormone) and make people fall in love, so Niagara is known the ‘Honeymoon Capital of the World’. This region has earned reputation as romantic gateway because of its beauty and captivity and we selected to celebrate our Silver Wedding Anniversary at this adorable place.

This silvery cascade added silver to our celebration and memories. Two years back I got a chance to visit Canadian side of Niagara, but I declined to visit as my soulmate was not with me. I never knew Niagara will call me so soon with my darling that too on special occasion. Caves of the winds was our next adventure stop. This is visit to Bridal veil fall. Gearing up with yellow waterproof poncho and specially designed sandals we descended 60 feet by a lift to Hurricane Desk. After a pleasant walk of 10 min we saw waterfall hardly few steps away from us. It was very amazing to climb wooden platform anchored on rocky hills to help visitors get the feel of the cascading sheet of water up close. Every step one ascended excitement multiplied. Rainbows stretching in various angles amidst silvery cascade makes one feel in Heaven.

Water droplets falling on your person makes you euphoric. With awestruck feeling one has to bid adieu to the Bridal falls. Flocks of Peregrine Falcons and bald Eagles sitting on rocks on the way is a treat for birdwatchers. Next was Whirlpool jet boat tour, which offers wet and dry seating which took us through Niagara River Gorge. This boat is 1500 horsepower which plunges directly into the rapids, scooping up hundreds of gallons of water. Surrounding near the mighty falls are many gardens which soak you in their beauty with spread of green carpet with magic of nature. As the evening sets in, the place wears more ecstatic look. Visit to Niagara Adventure theatre with 45 foot high screen ‘Legends of Adventure’ let you dive in the myths that surround the falls and know the tales of daredevil who faced off against the crashing cascade and lived.

Romantic excursion isn’t complete until you gaze at the colourful illumination of Niagara falls with spectacular firework display. This glittering firework on Canadian backdrop with illuminated beautiful skyline makes you euphoric. On15th August, 2017 Niagara was illuminated in tricolour to honour India’s Independence day. After these visual treats comes turn of gastronomics. Niagara offers multicuisine spread of food from desi to continental, wineries to breweries. Accommodation, shopping, travel and tours are very tourist friendly and can be done online. Once you are in any part of US, domestic low fare flights fetch you to Buffalo in very good price provided you carry less than 15 kg per person. One hour road ride from Buffalo to Niagara is comfortable as you travel along Niagara river.

One can visit Canadian side of Niagara if one has Canadian visa. A visit to Niagara falls will never fade from one’s memory. We conclude by saying... the more you move, the more it moves you. PICS: DR PRAGATI KHALATKAR ■