Hotels, restaurants should obtain NoC from Fire Deptt: Balpande

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Jan 2018 09:56:39


Business Bureau,

Advocate Bhalchandra Balpande, Chairman of Fire Committee called upon owners of hotels and restaurants to obtain no-objection certificate (NoC) and help the department. Emergency does not come with intimation.

Balpande was addressing a workshop organised by Fire Department, Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) at Sai Shraddha Lawns, Amravati Road. The workshop was organised against the background of fire caught in the pub and restaurant in Mumbai.

Seated on the dais were Pramod Chikhale, Vice-Chairman of Fire Committee, Rajkumar Sahu, Member of Fire Committee, Rajendra Uchake, Chief Fire Officer of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC), Raju Jaiswal, President of Hotel and Bar Association, Tejindersingh Renu, Ramu Motghare, Prashant Ahirkar and Ramu Wardhane.
Balpande continued that the fire tragedy that took place in Mumbai was due to negligence on the part of hotel owner. Such incidents should not occur in future and for that owners of hotels and restaurants should take precaution.

Fire fighting equipments should be installed in hotels, restaurants and shops. Hotels, restaurants and shops should have to compulsory take NoC from the Fire Department of Nagpur Municipal Corporation.
“NoC will not only help owners of hotels and restaurants but also help the administration in smooth functioning,” he

Rajendra Uchake said, as per Fire Act, buildings and establishments which are taller than 15 metres and construction area admeasuring 150 square metre, for such buildings and establishments, no-objection certificate of Fire Department is mandatory. Fire fighting equipments and other safety tools in hotels should be installed in such a way that it should be easily noticeable to the staff as well as customers.

Appliances like deep fridger, oven, cooking etc., should be first checked up and then utilised. These appliances should be checked from time to time. Explosive items should not be kept in hotels.

In hotels, there should be special smoking zones. Fire Department observes ‘Fire Week’, owners of hotels and restaurants should send their staff to take part in the activities conducted during the week.

Apart from this, a live demonstration on how to control fire in the hotels was also conducted by the officials of the Fire Department.

Officials of the Fire Department Rajendra Dubey, Sunil Raut, K R Kothe, P N Kawle, Sunil Dokare, Ajay Lokhande and others were present on the occasion.