pak’s bluff 

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Jan 2018 11:43:07


THIS was in the pipeline for long -- an outburst by the United States of America against Pakistan. In the past some months, US President Mr. Donald Trump and his officials had been expressing their ire against Pakistan for misleading the US for long. On quite a few occasions, including the one of announcement of the new National Security Strategy (NSS), the US officials had been exposing the truth of Pakistan’s ill intentions of diverting all sorts of American aid to use against India and sponsoring terrorism. Now, Mr. Donald Trump has made clear his disgust and concern that the US has given to Pakistan an aid worth USD 33 billion “foolishly” over the past 15 years. “No more” such aid will be available to Pakistan, the US President has stated without mincing words, for the first time ever in such strong words. “The US has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years and they have given us nothing but lies and deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools”, the President has tweeted in his latest outburst of righteous indignation.

This was more than expected since the announcement of the US National Security Policy in which Mr. Trump even described India as a leading global power. This indignation has full justification from every angle. For India, this comes also as a vindication of its age-old stand that Pakistan offers safe haven to terrorists and uses terror as a tool of its foreign policy implementation. This vindication, however, has a sad tone that even when India was offering US every possible evidence of Pakistan’s involvement in terrorism, the Americans kept denying the reality by forwarding unconvincing arguments.The world saw India’s point of view but the US refused to see sense. That was a painful aspect of the Indo-US relations, to say the least.

It appears that the latest American expression of its ire has sent shock waves in Pakistan and its political leadership is engaging itself in some damage-control exercises. They also seem ready to clamp certain restrictions on the leaders of terror outfits and are willing to demonstrate their loyalty to the friendship with the US. All these efforts are less likely to make much sense in the current scenario. For, the US is absolutely certain that Pakistan has often indulged in lies and deceit with a purpose.

The US is less likely to overlook another fact that many of Pakistani leaders even indulged in threatening the US that Pakistan could tilt towards China if the US did not behave. Those threats are not something that any nation like the US is likely to take casually. Much to the contrary, all those threats and all those lies seem to have helped in hardening up of the American stance against Pakistan in recent times.
It must be admitted that it is not Mr. Donald Trump who started talking straight for the first time.

We do recall how the Obama Administration, too, had been asking Pakistan to behave and turn away from terror. President Mr. Barack Obama had cautioned Pakistan against its involvement in terror in no uncertain terms time and again. That his word of caution and even stern warnings did not make much difference was because of typical Pakistani defiance of reason. The righteous indignation of President Mr. Trump is, in a way, a natural continuation of the increasing American disenchantment with Pakistan over time.

Let us hope that the Americans do not water down their stance now due to any political reconsideration of their relations with Pakistan. For, time has now come to insist that the global war against terror cannot succeed unless Pakistan is reined in sternly. If the Americans change their stance after having expressed their ire in such stern words, then it would only be the most unfortunate happening in the international arena.