Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Jan 2018 12:44:07

THERE never was any doubt about the greatness of Roger Federer. But at the Australian Open, he put one more stamp of excellence on his own greatness that saw him win as many as 20 Grand Slam titles, ahead of everybody on an all-time basis. That he will continue to be a No. 2 next to Rafael Nadal is a matter of detail, but Federer's greatness as a tennis player is beyond question. At 36 years of age, when a player exhibits such a fitness and ensures that he lasts all the five sets in the gruelling final, then there is only one description: “The Greatest”.

But at a personal level, Roger Federer is an humble man, thanking his team and wife and parents for the support. He also goes further to wonder if a 36-year-old could be a hot favourite in men’s tennis. That watching him play is a mesmerising experience is all right, but to hear his humble words gives yet another glorious dimension of his personality. Each sport has seen such great players. Yet, Roger Federer is a super-star among them, very human and very humane.