Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Jan 2018 12:42:08

Do you want to complain about not being able to get it done? Or would you prefer to actually get it done? Do you seek to have an impressive sounding excuse? Or would you rather have a real, substantive achievement? The world pushes against you often, that is true. Life is not fair, and disappointing results are all too common. You can be offended by that, and use it as an excuse.

Or you can accept the challenge, and transform it into an inspiration. Nobody cares why you can’t. What makes people stand up and take notice, is doing what you can. So go ahead, and instead of being excused by the difficulties, be inspired to act. Do what you can, every chance you get, and you will surely get the job done. There are things you will soon know that you’ve never yet considered. There are places you will soon go that you now do not even know are there.

How foolish it would be to ever give up hope or to turn loose of your dreams. For every moment that comes to you arrives with a fresh new load of possibilities. What now seems to be impossible will be commonplace one day. The very endeavor where you face the most stubborn obstacles may well turn out to be the source of your greatest triumphs.
Those who expect the best of what’s to come, have a way of finding it. In all the possibilities that are now being born there’s surely one that’s just right for you. Lovingly greet each moment as it comes. For in that moment are new opportunities for you to grow, to experience, to live fully and to move positively forward.

A new now is arriving with every tick of the clock. Jump in and make it the best one yet.