Logistics As A Career Opportunity

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Jan 2018 10:23:56


By aditya bal,

The position of logistics and supply chain management has full-fledged expressively. For any industry to grow the process from procurement till supply of the goods is of vital importance. Improper planning and implementation of dispersal of the goods would mean an end of the road for further growth of the industry. Every organisation/company has its own method of transporting the goods timely and effectively.

This is when the need for a person who can take care of the activities right from managing the supply of raw material to supply of the finished goods arises. In simple terms “Logistics;” is a term which encompasses the activities from bringing in the raw materials required for the production of the finished goods. This activity is then unified with the the activity of providing the products/services to the end user within a specified time.

Logistics does not only mean transporting the goods in a truck form one-point to the other. Logistics as an industry involves people from all the classes right from the Logistics head the truck driver who is entrusted with the job of carrying the goods in his truck to the end point within the time limit and with utmost safety.
Keeping in mind the above facts the field of logistics has much to offer within itself.

Since 2015 the logistics sector has gained much importance. With changes in the global economy and the patterns the Logistics industry will grow in all direction in the coming years. Companies are now focussing on improving the logistics facilities thereby decreasing the cost of manufacturing, enhanced customer experience with timely deliveries etc. One sector that has shown a great potential in this field is the Automobile sector.

Automobile manufacturing companies are constantly working on the improving the logistics facilities which in turn will help in reducing the long waiting periods that the customers have to face. With small & large scale logistics hubs that are on the cards, there will be a great demand for jobs in the field of logistics.

Online retailing business is also one industry where much depend on the logistics processes developed and implemented by the organisation. You place the order, it gets transferred to the concerned retailer and then task of supplying the goods at your doorstep is being executed by the logistics agency. If there is a malfunction in any one of the supply chains and you have the facility to cancel the order at one click.

Logistics industry provide you the opportunity to climb the ladder with your expertise and the experience you gain from working. Companies involved in logistics business have well developed training programmes that are being imparted to the employees. These training programmes help the individual to develop his skills and in turn prove your worth.

People who have the inert desire to gain knowledge and desire to understand the patterns and trends are the ones who have a strong chance of making a good career in this field. Skills like forecasting negotiation and problem solving are essentially required in this field. You need to understand and study the densities involved in all the aspects and reciprocate the same to the lower level employees who are actually entrusted with the responsibility of delivery.

Technology also plays a pivotal role in the field of logistics. With the continuous changes in the field of technology and innovation, logistics filed provides a great opportunity to learn and gain handsome experience with the tools and technologies implemented by the logistics firms. Real time tracking of consignments/shipments helps the organisation to find the areas where there is a scope of improvement thereby enhancing the customer experience.

Logistics gives an opportunity to gather knowledge and develop the requisite skills to understand the international business. You can get an opportunity to work with firms involved in international logistics.