‘Mor Raipur, Mor Zimmedari song invokes sense of responsibility among citizens’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 31 Jan 2018 11:28:15

Staff Reporter

“Mor Raipur, Mor Zimmedari’, the theme song of the ‘Swacch Raipur campaign’ invokes  the sense of responsibility in citizens,” said renowned singer Javed Ali in a press conference ahead of the concert on Tuesday evening. Javed considers himself fortunate to have associated with the nationwide Swacchta campaign. He composed the song along with Hrishikesh and it has already a bit hit. It’s the responsibility of each citizen to keep their city clean and it should begin from us. Javed has been frequenting the Raipur and he found something change, something new in each visit.

Accompanying the singer, Music Composer Hrishikesh also talked about the new theme song for Swacch Bharat campaign, which will be launched on October 2, birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, as the Government will be celebrating Swacchta Festival, beside the two more songs. Also, they are making a rap song on the issue, which will first in the Indian music history. These songs will be available on all online platforms and apps so as whole world could know how much Raipur has achieved in this mission. He has made 25 songs for the campaign. Javed Ali also thanked RMC Commissioner Rajat Bansal for inviting him and giving him the opportunity to sing the theme song.