Chill giving shivering time to people

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Jan 2018 11:31:33


Staff Reporter,

Chilly winds have increased cold even during day time. In last 24 hours, Rewa, Khajuraho, Naugaon, Gwalior witnessed coldest day. Meanwhile, cold wave persisted in Umaria and Raisen respectively. Bhopal’s minimum temperature dipped to 7.7 degree Celsius, 2 degree below normal level.

There was no change in minimum temperature of Jabalpur, Sagar, Indore and Gwalior divisions. The minimum temperatures of rest of the places have come down. The lowest minimum temperature of 3 degrees Celsius was recorded in Raisen.

In its forecast, Weather Department said that coldest day is likely in some parts of Gwalior, Chambal, Rewa and Sagar divisions. Medium to thick fog is likely in some parts of Gwalior, Chambal, Rewa and Sagar divisions. Dry weather is likely in maximum places of rest of Madhya Pradesh.
The day temperatures took the nose dive as northerly winds are blowing in state.

As far as minimum temperatures are concerned then Jabalpur recorded minimum temperature at 8.3 degrees Celsius, 2 degrees below normal level. Khajuraho’s minimum temperature was 4.5 degrees Celsius, 2 degrees below normal level. Hill station Pachmarhi recorded minimum temperature at 2 degrees Celsius, 4 degrees below normal level. Indore’s minimum temperature dipped to 8 degree Celsius, 1 degree below normal. As the cold has increased, people are having harrowing time. It is during early morning hours that cold remain on zenith level. The mornings are usually wrapped with light to medium fog.

The weather conditions are likely to continue same for next two days. This means that people will have to bear the onslaught of cold for couple of days. As the cold is at prime, hospitals are witnessing the long queues of patients suffering from seasonal diseases. Meanwhile, woollen shopkeepers are doing the brisk business as people are making beelines before them to purchase the woolen clothes. In other words, cold has increased the sale of woollen clothes.