Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Jan 2018 11:51:30












THE statement of Minister of State for Home Mr. Kiren Rijiju that there is no plan to grant general amnesty to the militants in Kashmir and Maoists, is in tune with the sentiments of the countrymen. Maoists and militants are the enemies of the country, who show no remorse in killing innocent people, including women and children. They have created a havoc in the country, denying the people a peaceful life, besides harming the nation’s progress, as the energy of the Government is sapped in dealing with them. Despite their anti-India activities, the Government has shown magnamity by offering to resolve their grievances through talks. It has also announced a rehabilitation package for those giving up arms and wanting to join the mainstream. Despite all these efforts, the militants are bent on waging a war against the State. There is no option before the Government as the militants and Maoists are not ready for holding talks. The Government is therefore right in not announcing a general amnesty to the Maoists and militants.


INDIANS have topped the world by giving birth to over 69,000 babies on the New Year Day, surpassing China. Though the birth of a baby brings cheer to the family, there is dire need for every Indian to be practical about arresting the baby boom. According to an estimate, if India maintains the present rate of population growth, it may become the world’s most populous country within just a few years. This is dangerous signal. It has become necessary to control population in order to achieve rapid economic progress. The ever increasing population is adding pressure to the already tattering infrastructure, increasing woes of the people. Economic planners have become helpless as the welfare plans of the Government are going haywire due to ever increasing population. Unchecked growth of population is the root cause of poverty. All the efforts made to eradicate poverty get negated as new mouths to feed are added every day. There is thus a serious need to check population growth. This should be the New Year resolution.