inviting doom!

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 Jan 2018 11:47:21

PAKISTAN’S response to the expression of disgust by United States President Mr. Donald Trump about American aid of USD 33 billion over the last 15 years is of sheer arrogance that might take the country to doom in times ahead. Seemingly powered by China, Pakistan is now suggesting that it cares a damn about the American aid. It might have taken a few steps to demonstrate to the US that it is taking action against terror outfits and their leaders. Yet, internally, it appears to feel no sense of remorse. Much to the contrary, it seems to tell the world that it does not care about the American disgust and would continue in the same vein. This attitude will never take Pakistan to any point of glory. Much to the contrary, such a stance would attract more trouble for its ever-weakening economy and flimsy internal systems.

Carrying forward the tone of Mr. Trump on Pakistan’s attitude, it appears that the Pakistanis really treat the Americans as fools and continue to indulge in brazen behaviour. On one hand, they are trying to showcase their action against terror groups and on the other they are continuing with their old methods. This approach suggests clearly that Mr. Donald Trump is right when he says that the Pakistanis treat the American leaders as fools.

It will be only natural that the US will feel all the more enraged and tempted to carry on with its threat to stop all aid to Pakistan. In that direction, it has already taken a couple of steps and, in all probabilities, would push things further to things difficult for Pakistan. From the stance until now, a stern American action could be expected in response to Pakistan’s continued arrogance.

In fact, this must happen. For, over the past seven decades, Pakistan has proved itself to be a rogue State with highly irresponsible leadership all along. It has converted into a Client State in which it is willing to bend itself in any direction to curry favours from other countries. At the moment, China is backing Pakistan in most of its endeavours. Feeling empowered by China’s backing, Pakistan appears willing to ignore its long association with the United States. The early hints of such a possibilities had come during the last days of the Obama Administration when the Pakistanis had begun threatening to tilt towards China even at the cost of their friendship with the Americans. The current Pakistani leadership seems ready to walk that talk, too.

The Pakistanis might not realise that China is a tougher associate than the US ever was. For, just a couple of months earlier, China had stopped funding many a projects in Pakistan because it felt sure that the Pakistanis were indulging a massive loot of those funds. Those who have observed Pakistan for decades will know that it is one State that is engaged in an unmistakable march towards it own doom. Instead of focusing on its economic revival, instead of concentrating on its educational standard, instead of making a concerted effort to rectify the ills in governance, the Pakistanis seem interested in somehow garnering foreign help to keep running the show, no matter the hidden price they have to pay for that.

No matter Mr. Trump’s threats, the United States may not go full distance in blocking all aid to Pakistan. For, it has its own geopolitical agenda for the region and would like to be loyal to those goals. Despite that, it is getting clearer every passing day that the US is taking a serious second look at its ties with Pakistan. This is happening vis-a-vis India, which is in India’s interest in the long run. India would never curry favour with the US the manner in which Pakistan has done always. Yet, India would be interested in deriving a greater associational benefit from America to push its global agenda. The United State also will go along the Indian interest for obvious reasons.