Nitin Gadkari administers a tough socio-triple vaccine to doctors

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Jan 2018 09:17:37


Staff Reporter,

Union Minister of Road Transport, Highways, Shipping, Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation, Nitin Gadkari on Thursday gave a booster dose of socio-triple vaccine of ‘morality, humanity and ethics’ to the paediatricians gathered here for 55th National Conference of Indian Academy of Paediatrics (Pedicon-2018) at Suresh Bhat Auditorium in Reshimbagh.

While inaugurating the 55th Pedicon 2018, Gadkari expressed concern over the lack of social responsibility, social sensibility and commitment of medical practitioners across the country.

“I am not against modernisation or technological developments, but I am against Westernisation where the development is discussed in terms of monetary gains without any moral values,” Gadkari stated while discussing the incident when he was in Opposition and went to meet a top medical practitioner in a modern hospital in Mumbai.

“Conversion of knowledge into wealth is good, but using knowledge to exploit common people and commercialisation of noble profession is definitely not tolerated. Every one has right to encash one’s own knowledge and earn money, but there must be some ethics or social commitment in health-care profession,” Gadkari asserted.

Gadkari recalled a dialogue from movie ‘Deewar’ when Shashi Kapoor asks Amitabh Bachchan, ‘Bhai Tum Sign Karoge Ya Nahi?’. Bachchan starts giving justification of every sin he himself committed: ‘Jao Pehle Us Aadmi Ka Sign le ke aao...’. Their mother Nirupa Roy interrupts asking, ‘Jis Aadmi Ne Tere Hath Pe... Woh Tera Kaun tha...?’ Then the minister added, when an educated person indulges in sins, he should not justify those like the dialogue in ‘Deewar’.

“A good doctor with a social consciousness, social sensitivity and social responsibility is always worshipped by the society. In life, no one is perfect and you cannot claim that you are perfect. The meritorious persons in society are not always good people. There is no relationship with education and a good person. Therefore, health-care profession must improve upon quality of service to humanity,” Gadkari expected.

“If there is a will, there is a way. But if there is no will, there is survey, discussions, seminars, commissions, inquiries and no results to find any way. Therefore, this conference should come out with positive decisions, positive resolutions and an inner urge to work for the betterment of the society,” Gadkari appealed.

Mayor Nanda Jichkar was the guest of honour at the inaugural ceremony. The event started with Pedicon Song. Dr Vasant Khalatkar delivered a welcome address. Dr Uday Bodhankar made introductory remarks. Dr Jayant Upadhye read out the activity report of IAP for 2018. Dr Remesh Kumar, Secretary General of Indian Academy of Pediatricians (IAP), presented the annual report while outgoing President Dr Anupam Sachdeva presented his experiences as President.

Dr Santosh Soan was installed as new President of IAP. Vice Presidents Dr Arup Roy, Dr Vinit Saxena, Dr Guna Singh, Dr Kedar Malwatkar, Dr Harmesh Bans, Dr Bakul Parekh, Dr Digant Shashtri and others also shared the dais.
Dr Rajiv Mohta conducted the proceedings and Dr Praveen Pagey proposed a vote of thanks.