Van Vihar witnesses rise in number of swamp deer

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Jan 2018 12:51:28


Staff Reporter,

Van Vihar National Park has become second home for the Hard Ground Swamp Deer as their number has been raised from 7 to 12 within three years in the park.

The park management witnessed rise in number of swamp deer after increasing area of their enclosure. In year 2014, 7 Hard Ground Swamp Deer, including three males and four females, were translocated from Kanha National Park to Van Vihar to ensure that their isolated population does not get wiped out due to outbreak of any epidemic or any other reason. Now, their number has been increased to 12 and all the new born are healthy.

According to forest officials, the endangered species is found in Kanha Tiger Reserve of Madhya Pradesh. In 1975 number of swamp deer in Kanha was limited to 60. After several efforts of forest officials number of swamp deer raised to 600 in the reserve. Now officials want to preserve the species in other national parks and tiger reserves of State. Continuing the campaign, the endangered species have been already shifted to Van Vihar National Park (7) and Satpura Tiger Reserve (22). In year 2010, forest department took decision to shift the deer in other parts of state so that it would be saved in case of natural disaster. Seeking permission from authorities, 7 swamp deer including 3 male and 4 females were shifted to Van Vihar during year 2015.

Keeping in mind the rising number of swamp deer in park, Van Vihar planned to set up swamp deer breeding centre. The centre is planned to be inaugurated by the end of January 2018. Under this project, few more Swamp Deer would be shifted from Kanha National Park to Van Vihar. Kanha Field Director J S Chouhan has recently visited the Van Vihar centre to check the facilities and environment for Swamp Deer. The centre is being developed in 7 hectare of land and about 90 per cent preparation has been completed.

The park is now arranging food and medicines for the deer. According to sources, park management has find out the favourite grass of Swamp Deer in Madhya Pradesh but tranquillising medicine would be ordered from foreign countries. In this centre, experts would make research on lifestyle of Swamp Deer and their species. They would focus to change the lifestyle of deer in future.

The breeding centre for Swamp Dear is almost ready in the park. “The park management has planned to increase number of swamp dear and spread them in different regions of State. Process of animal shifting has been started but it will take time as they are very sensitive animals. Dear will be shifted through natural process,” said Samita Rajora, Director of Van Vihar. She further added, park has already few swamp dear translocated in different shifts.

She said, there are also few swamp dear born in Van Vihar. Keeping in view appropriate weather, Van Vihar National Park has already started preparation for the translocation. As swamp deers are sensitive in behaviour, they would be shifted trough natural process. Earlier, they were being tranquillised which resulted into loss of animals. A team of officials would soon visit Kanha National Park to check the routine of deer and translocation process. According to forest officials, in first phase, six deer would be shifted from Kanha to Bhopal.