‘Sort out Cream Team from reservation’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Jan 2018 11:02:29

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Jan 5,

Member of National Commission for Scheduled Caste K Ramulu, on Friday, said, the commission is seriously pondering over measures to unravel the cream team of Scheduled Caste (SC) community from the reservation benefits. “The Centre is offering 15 per cent reservation to SC. Unfortunately, 10 per cent of the total quota reservation benefits is being enjoyed by the members of Cream Team in SC community while only 5 per cent of the benefits reach to grass root level. The commission is preparing a proposal while taking care of pros and cons before holding a meeting with the President of India in July and subsequently presenting the proposal to him,” said Ramulu while talking to media during his maiden visit to Raipur.

Ramulu said that the commission is just six months old and it has already held a discussion on the above mentioned issue. There will be a meeting of the Commission in Delhi in July on the completion of one year term of the commission where all the members will meet to discuss annual report apart from the issue of sorting out Cream Team from the reservation benefits. The date of the meeting with the President will be finalized in the meeting, added Ramulu.

Throwing lights on the purpose of his visit to Chhattisgarh and functioning of the Commission, Ramulu said that the Commission has the power of judiciary and can take action directly against IAS, IPS and other government officials if they do not act towards protecting the interest of SC people. “I have six states - Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat, Meghalaya, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, under me. It is my first visit to Chhattisgarh and I am satisfied to know from the officials that Chhattisgarh has the minimum number of cases of atrocities, rape and other cases against SC communities. The officials informed me that only 25 cases of atrocities are recorded in the state followed by 3 land cases and 1-2 rape cases,” said Ramulu. Ramulu said that Uttar Pradesh tops the list of atrocity cases against SC followed by Rajasthan second, Bihar third, Andhra Pradesh fourth and Telangana stands at fifth position.

Ramulu said that he has asked Raipur District Collector to take initiative to establish SC/ST Study Circle in Raipur, so that the educated youths from these communities get more opportunity. District Collector O P Choudhary has assured of taking necessary measures, he said.  To a query, Ramulu said that the Commission will look into Chhattisgarh government’s decision to offer 12 per cent reservation to SC. As per central government decision, every state should give at least 15 per cent reservation. The commission will hold discussion with the State government on the issue. Ramulu emphsised on the need for promotion of education in Chhattisgarh as the state is backward in education, especially in case of SC/ST communities.

Ramulu blasts those remained absent in meeting

Expressing annoyance over the negligence of officials of Chhattisgarh, National Commission for Scheduled Caste Member K Ramulu said that he reprimanded the officials for not turning up for the meeting even after his arrival at New Circuit House. “I had to tell them the power the SC Commission possesses when they reached the meeting hall, so that they (officials) do not repeat this in future,” said Ramulu