Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Jan 2018 09:23:42

FINALLY, the United States of America (USA) has started delivering what it has promised to do. It has taken the first step to chastise Pakistan by stopping a security assistance of USD 1.1 billion. The arrogant reaction of Pakistan to the American mood got a befitting reposte`in perfect tune with the new security perception of President Mr. Donald Trump. Mr. Trump has done what he said and thus pushed the global agenda against terror a step further. That the US took such an action only against Pakistan, at least to begin with, also shows the dirty role Pakistan has been playing all along in pushing terrorism in the world.

The only hope now is that the US -- and the world at large -- continue to isolate Pakistan in totality and keep up suspending all assistance to that country so that it learns the right lesson. Of course, expecting Pakistan to learn the right lesson also is being naive, to say the least. Yet, it has now become absolutely necessary for the world to start reining in Pakistan in every which the way so that it starts realising, howsoever slowly, that pushing terrorism proves counter-productive to any country.

The issue is not just restricted to funding terrorism; it has more to do with how one country was allowed to act in such a brazen manner for decades and use terror as a tool of its foreign policy implementation. The belief that Pakistan has harboured is that it can keep foisting a proxy war on its neighbours for decades on end only to create disturbance in their governance and sense of well being and security. This basic notion is so dangerous to peaceful coexistence of nations in the modern times. For, it militates against a sense of togetherness that is so crucial to common larger good of all the nations in the world.

Even as the US starts taking action against Pakistan at such a late stage, it must be stated with emphasis that it has been the US that has often backed Pakistan in all its endeavours. The disgust Mr. Donald Trump expressed about Pakistan fooling the Americans for decades on end, actually has little meaning. For, time and again, India and other nations had been bringing to America’s notice what Pakistan had been doing. Despite strong and unassialable evidence provided by India, the American authorities kept denying its correctness and ignoring the stark and ugly reality of its ally’s involvement in terrorism.

This happened for decades, not just years. This happened through tenures of successive American Presidents. Because the American leaders felt that Pakistan was a useful ally in their global politics, they kept supporting the rogue State of Pakistan and ignoring the appeals to their good senses by good States like India. Now, however, they seem to have come to their senses as President Mr. Donald Trump has begun taking the stern measures to rein Pakistan in. By any standard, this is a good development for a better world, for a terror-free world.

It is difficult to expect Pakistan to start behaving once the US starts asserting itself. For, of late, it has earned a backing from China whose leaders have blasted the new attitude of the US. Experts have often described Pakistan as a client State that is willing to lend its resources to anybody who wishes to use those, provided Islmamabad keeps getting the ‘remuneration’ for the services. Now that China is willing to go along, Pakistan may not realise what it is going to lose in times to come. This development is rather disturbing. In the past couple of years, China has often backed Pak’s designs and even blocked the global effort to have terrorists declared as global enemies.