Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Jan 2018 09:23:36


IT seems that some people have taken a pledge not to improve their social behaviour, come what may. While most of the people have responded positively to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, there are others, who still continue to litter garbage around all the places. Such dirty people not only bring a disrepute to the country, but also negate a good initiative undertaken for the benefit of the countrymen by spending crores of rupees.

Railway authorities, who are trying to tackle the garbage menace by adopting different measures, are terribly upset over the behaviour of some people, who are bent on dumping garbage on the tracks. Frustrated over slumdwellers breaking brick walls to dump garbage on tracks, the Railway authorities have now decided to construct concrete walls. The Railways, facing fund crunch, is being forced to spend additional money on constructing concrete walls just because some people are refusing to behave responsibly. If such irresponsible behaviour by the citizens continues, how can one expect the country to make a rapid progress?


WHY should the elected representatives cry foul over the judiciary supposedly treading into the domain of the Parliament when they themselves have not shown much concern over the manner in which working in  Parliament’s both Houses is stalled session after session and for years? Should the nation be allowed to suffer in the absence of proper legislations that affect their day-to-day lives because the honourable members are more interested in scoring some browny points over the opposition instead of participating in legislative business and contributing to making of laws.? 

Parliamentarians themselves need to ponder over why there is so much preponderance of judicial activism of late and whether they have not ceded the ground to somebody else to take over. During the debate on the bill to raise salaries of judges, Lok Sabha MPs asserted the supremacy of the Parliament over the judiciary. For that the MPs themselves must live up to people’s expectations and deliver results.