U’khand madarasas yet to install Modi’s pics, cite ‘religious considerations’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Jan 2018 08:52:03



MADARASAS in Uttarakhand are yet to comply with a State Government order asking educational institutions to install a picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi inside their premises, citing “religious considerations”.

The order, issued to all Government-run educational institutions after the Independence Day last year, asked them to install a picture of the Prime Minister inside their premises and to take a pledge to implement Modi’s vision of building a new India by 2022.

“Madarasas in the State have not installed pictures of the PM because of religious considerations as Islam prohibits installation of pictures of living beings in mosques and madarasas,” Deputy Registrar of Uttarakhand Madarsa Board Akhlaq Ahmad told PTI. However, he said the refusal to install the picture of the Prime Minister should not be interpreted as their opposition to an individual.

“They aren’t opposed to any individual in particular. It is purely due to religious beliefs. Islam does not permit us to install pictures of living beings or individuals, including religious leaders inside mosques or madrasas,” Ahmad said.
He said the order was issued by the state government in August last year and was passed on immediately by the Uttarakhand Madarsa Board to the district minority welfare officers for follow-up action. “We have nothing against any individual. There is a picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Uttarakhand Madarsa Board office here and all the board offices in the districts,” Ahmad said.