Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Jan 2018 11:10:04


“Be cautioned this whole coming week, my dear chirpers and squeakers. The invaders have started coming slowly and with the steady flow of wind, it has to be this week. Down the years, many of our loved ones have lost their lives already and many, many are injured. I, the leader of Skyland, offer my condolences for the suffered and pray for the injured to regain at the earliest. Stay smart, stay safe. Thank-you, friends,” said King, the Golden Eagle, the leader. He was the best leader Skyland had ever seen. It was a place as beautiful as heaven with different species of birds living together peacefully. As he said this and left, there was a huge flapping of wings from the millions who had come to watch him. They screamed and flapped and screamed and flapped. 

Leo, the warbler was witnessing the crowd go haywire from the back. His father and mother both had died in the recent attacks from the kites, both of their throats slashed. All he could say to his 2 year old sister, Nina when she asked about them was, "They are gone. Forever." When the questions 'What? Why? Where?' came, he just could not tell her. What would he have told? That there lived special creatures called humans on the Earthland, below them and start of a new year, when the winter begins to leave, was the time when they sent their flying troops to kill the community of birds? That they are mostly friendly but just during these times, for a reason yet unfound, they wanted our throats slit? Hence he just pulled her closer and hugged tightly. That was 3 days ago.

Now, standing a bit away from the exuberantly excited crowd, he's carefully listening to an announcement urging everyone to move to safe places before the kites show up. Kites start spreading in the sky suddenly, as some birds point out. Some start to fly in all directions, some hide in trees and unfortunately, some become the victim of the sharp nylon threads that held the kites. There is havoc with the birds hurrying. Leo is just about to fly as he hears someone say his name. It is Pie, the Blue Rock Pigeon. He is carrying someone with her. Nina, it was. She, all red with blood, is what the last thing Leo had wanted to see. Leo, lost his family, his world and his everything. Leo wasn't the only citizen of Skyland to have faced this misery. Many like Leo suffered the same fate and now they struggled to survive and find a safe place where no kites can reach. But is there any such bird dwelling place left? Humans and their murderous strings have spared none. It's on trees, near nests, on roads, it's everywhere. Hash! There's seems to be no end to this and if the humans on Earthland don't realise their mistake soon then their future would not be able to witness colorful wings flying up in the sky.

Aman Singh
REEF Green Ambassador
1st year, EN