Deal cyber crimes with highest priority, Modi tells top cops

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Jan 2018 08:22:44


Our Correspondent,

and Agencies TEKANPUR (MP),

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi on Monday drew the attention of the country’s top police officials to the problems arising out of social media and cyber crimes, saying they should be dealt with on highest priority.

Speaking at the concluding day of the annual conference of the DGPs and IGPs here at the BSF Academy at Tekanpur in Gwalior, the Prime Minister said that there was an emerging global consensus towards greater information sharing on illicit financial dealings and India could play a key role in achieving this. Modi said cyber security issues should be dealt with immediately and should receive highest priority, according to an official release.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also called for more openness among states on issues of national security. The Prime Minister recalled how the nature and scope of the conference have changed since 2014, beginning with its being shifted out of Delhi. He appreciated the officers who have been instrumental in facilitating this change.
The Prime Minister said that the conference has now become more relevant, in the context of challenges and responsibilities facing the country. He said the new format of the conference has resulted in a marked improvement in the quality of discussions.

He commended the country’s security apparatus for the work they are doing in securing the country. He said that the officers present in the gathering today have delivered leadership, despite often having to operate in an environment of negativity.

He said that as a result of the discussions in this conference over the last few years, now, once an objective is clearly defined for the police force, there is a lot of cohesion in the execution. He said this conference is helping top police officers get a more holistic view of problems and challenges. He said the range of topics being discussed has become more broad-based over the last two years. This has helped give a whole new vision to senior police officers, he added.
Discussing ways to add even more value to this conference, the Prime Minister suggested that follow up should continue through working groups, all the year round. In this context, he specially emphasised the importance of involving younger officers. He said this would greatly help in improving effectiveness of the exercise.

Prime Minister mentioned the emerging global consensus towards greater information sharing on illicit financial dealings, and said India has a key role to play in achieving this. He said just as openness is getting increased acceptance worldwide, there is need for greater openness among states too, on security issues. He said that security cannot be achieved selectively or alone. But breaking of silos and information sharing among states can help make everyone more secure. “We are not an assembled entity, but an organic entity,” he asserted.