MANIT yet to find missing security cameras from campus!

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Jan 2018 11:02:48


By Ankita Garg,

Security cameras that were installed in Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT) campus to curb the ragging menace during year 2015 have been stolen. The institute has not checked out missing cameras yet which proves their lethargic attitude towards the management.

Talking about the issue, MANIT spokesperson Ajay Verma accepted that cameras were installed in classrooms but all of them have been broken and removed by students.
As institute management showed careless attitude towards the camera maintenance, ragging incidents and controversies among students continued rising in campus. MANIT officials installed cameras in all areas where student gathers including canteen, square, hostels, auditorium, classroom, main gate, administrative block etc worth Rs 50 lakh during year 2015.

The institute has started preparation for admission 2018-19 but none of officials have been assigned to arrange the CCTV camera. Last year when Vinod Singh (former director) joined the institute, CCTV camera from director’s office was uninstalled.

According to MANIT professors, display of all CCTV cameras was opened in director cabin so that he can keep an eye on activities around the campus. On condition of anonymity institute professor said, “Camera display has been also removed from the director’s cabin and CCTV cameras have been removed from the place and it has become matter of investigation. There is probable chance that students have broken the camera and removed from the place to keep themselves safe and free.” Cameras were installed in classroom to check the attendance of students and teachers. Entire campus was equipped with CCTV surveillance to check the ragging cases. There were several complaints that professors were absent from the classroom and many of them visited the class for few minutes. To check these complaints, institute management installed CCTV cameras.

Present Director Narendra Singh Raghuvanshi is yet to take decisions about the missing cameras. “LCD and LEDs were installed in director’s office for a few days but later they were removed for some official reasons. A few CCTV cameras were installed in classrooms but all of them were broken and destroyed by students. At present there is no camera security in campus,” said Ajay Verma, MANIT spokesperson. He further said informed that LCD and LED projectors were installed to check the activities of students around the campus after witnessing number of ragging complaints during working tenure of then director Appukuttan KK.

Anti-ragging helpline being run by University Grants Commission (UGC) flooded with number of ragging complaints from MANIT for past five years. Just after starting academic session, several student complaint for being ragged in campus. Even many times students have been suspended and charged fine for ragging their juniors but all seems to be in vain as complaints are continued. The institute management also fed up with controversies among students under alcoholic influence. In many cases, students clashed with the faculty or their classmates after taking alcohol. Irked with all these controversies and complaints, MANIT management brought entire campus under strict camera surveillance during year 2015. However, current management failed to maintain the camera. Notably, UGC, AICTE and other affiliating authorities have given strict guidelines to the higher and technical institutes to keep