Mediums don’t matter

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Jan 2018 09:59:45


National Award-winning actor Anil Kapoor says artistes should experiment with mediums and so, he is even willing to act in a street play. He has been a movie star for almost 40 years. After making his TV debut with 24, he hosted the British motoring series The Grand Tour for Amazon Video.

Asked what made him do a show on the digital platform, Anil told IANS, “We have to change with time and medium. As an artiste, I want to reach out to and connect with people. I am ready to act in a street play if people will gather to watch the story.”

“Yes, film has always been my medium but whether it is television or web series, any popular medium that gives me the opportunity to tell a great story or to be a part of a huge show, I will surely explore that,” he added.
Clearly, his choice of films shows how well he manages to balance between commercial and parallel cinema.

“The only thing that I believe is, don’t focus on commerce. It follows sooner or later if the work is good. If the work has quality, you will earn everything - money and respect,” he said.