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IT IS good to know from Union Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley that the idea of funding political parties does not stop only at the electoral bonds suggested recently by the Government. ‘We are open to more ideas on political funding,’ Mr. Jaitley has said on a Facebook post. When the poll bonds were suggested, quite a few people suspected if that ever could work out as an idea. The Government, however, believes that the idea is good and poll bonds could fetch a lot of money for political parties. Yet, Mr. Jaitley has expended the scope of the thought on the issue still further by stressing that more ideas are welcome. The issue of funding of political parties so that they get out of the clutches of black and ill-gotten money has to be tackled in a comprehensive manner without getting stuck at an idea. It is good that the Government has not closed its mind on the issue and willing to listen to other ideas. If this exercise is carried on consistently, many useful ideas would certainly emerge from the churning. It is up to political community as well as for people now to look for smarter ideas.




HUMAN adventure into space has produced many heroes, of course. But Mr. John Young was the tallest among them all. It was not just because he held the world record for some time for having spent maximum time in space or because he walked on the undulating lunar surface, but because of the fact that he had the strength to last in space adventure for a shockingly long time. That enabled him to fly on various missions in different space crafts at different times. It could be possible because of his immensely strong built as well as his wonderfully balanced mind. Nothing could budge him. He was not just a strong man but a strong-willed person who often looked forward to space missions in conditions that could make others bite their lips. Mr. John Young, thus, represented a generation of space men who understood the importance of the latest human frontier beyond stars. It is this understanding of the cause and a strong commitment to it that made all the difference. These people laid a great foundation for space science.