Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Jan 2018 11:17:00


By dr subramaniam seshan,

Human resource is the centrifugal force in the process of Outcome Based Education. The vision, mission, strategic planning, course outcome, programme outcome are all the aspect which must be seen from the workforce point of view. Earlier time, management used to make strategic plan in a haphazard fashion leading to improper focus and subsequently chaotic situation in the organisation. OBE is a boon in this aspect as it leads into smooth functioning of each and every aspect of mission, vision and strategic plan and involvement of workforce (management) is immense as without their support it will not be successful. Management is an education which is skill based and this can be achieved through OBE. In order to make successful attempt towards OBE, support from management and higher authority to the workforce is must and in this regard following things must be ascertained –

l Rigid policies should be deleted
l Outcome means result of an action so action oriented curriculum should be designed
l Focused approach is imperative
l Workforce should be given freedom to express their views and their ideas
l Standard operating procedures should be curtailed as it leads to very restrictive operations and minimum innovation.
l Rules and regulations must be there for both students and workforce but to a certain extent
l Flexi-time must be implemented
l Paper work should be avoided and action oriented paper must be introduced
During management education basically three types of working or approach is taught in the classroom viz., Democratic, Autocratic and free-rein. Time has come to implement free rein technique where the onus must be on each and every employee rather than the management or a designated person. Responsibility leads to encouragement to workforce to use their skill and capability in achieving the task allotted to them. Influential people should not be employed but only capable should be appointed on right place and the right time.
A competent organisation must do following things to implement OBE
l Clear and concise process of getting things done.
l Time bound programs should be made a priority
l Time allotted to each program should not be restrictive but
l Transparent and fair policy
l Freedom of expression
l Involvement of all and appreciation to all
l Team approach and exceptional individual approach
l Interest based work rather than forced work
The old and traditional approach of great people is not at all used in today’s world but it was the most effective. Still we remember the great people who motivated people like Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Vallabhai Patel, and today’s generation people like APJ Abdul Kalam, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, and last but not the least our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The basic skill that these people possessed was involvement of all the people at all the time. They created an aura amongst common people that they were lead by these people rather than these people leading them. These people are an example for all the good work they have done for the people, by the people leading to a strong and competent country.
Using the traditional approach an environment must be created in the institute so that each and every individual is motivated which will result into exceptional workforce. Exceptional workforce will lead all the objectives of OBE and will give results as expected by National Board of Accreditation. So to conclude it is expected that right things must be done by the right people in the right time with the right attitude and right approach leading to right outcome and right program outcome.
Management is doing things right; human resource is doing the right things as per the expectation of the management.
(The author is Consultant, OBE, Nagpur)