‘People are afflicted by Acquired Intellectual Deficiency Syndrome’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Oct 2018 09:14:51


Staff Reporter,

“People, be it students of Science or Arts, are afflicted by the modern day virus of Acquired Intellectual Deficiency Syndrome’ remarked Editor of The Hitavada Vijay Phanshikar, while addressing an elite gathering comprising former Vice-Chancellor of Amravati’s Gadgebaba University Dr S T Deshmukh, Pro Vice-Chancellor RTM Nagpur University Dr Pramod Yeole, Director of Laxminarayan Insitute of Technology Dr Raju Mankar, Acting Registrar Dr Neeraj Khati, teachers, group of LIT alumni and students, on the occasion of the 88th memorial day programme of D Laxminarayan, who donated his entire property and money to Nagpur University, at the Laxminarayan Institute of Technology’s auditorium on Sunday.

Phanshikar’s talk stirred the minds of the gathering, as he went about tearing into myths that had clogged in the minds of present day teachers and students, due to their addiction to the mobile and Google, not being able to even fathom the science that exists in the punctuation marks in English language.

“We sing Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj’s poetry that symbolises the song of Nagpur University, giving a message of brotherliness and oneness irrespective of caste and religion, more as a symbolic gesture to start any programme of the university, but have failed to read between the lines and soak ourselves in its wisdom. We also sang the song ‘Vidnyanam Vijayata’ composed by the legendary Sanskrit Scholar ‘Pradnyabharati’ Shridhar Bhaskar Warnekar, but failed to decipher its deep meaning and inculcate the contents in our lives. Rao Bahadur D Laxmi Narayan’s desire of donating his entire wealth to the university was to help quality education proliferate with its help. We merely looked at it as a donation, but failed to pursue his ideals, his dream. The education scene is painful.” exhorted Phanshikar.

He spoke about Physicist J Robert Oppenheimer and Scientist Albert Einstein, who were increasingly concerned about the potential danger that scientific inventions could pose to humanity and went on to establish the World Academy of Art and Science, to seek solace and peace of mind. Science that moves us towards human centrism is destructive. Science and spirituality are inseparable,” reiterated Phanshikar.

Vice-Chancellor of RTM Nagpur University Dr Siddharthvinayak Kane, who presided over, stated that any donation made with an open desire to help a noble cause, does not make the donor poor. Instead he derives the pleasure of being the richest man with tonnes of happiness. D Laxminarayan was Super Human”.

Pro Vice-Chancellor Dr Pramod Yeole also lamented the fact that D Laxminarayan’s vision is not being pursued. It is the collective responsibility of us all to ensure this,” he added. Director LIT Dr Raju Mankar made the introductory remarks. Dr Neeraj Khati, Acting Registrar proposed the vote of thanks.