Country’s first housing society set up due to Sardar Patel: PM

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Oct 2018 08:49:13


ANAND (Guj),

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday the country’s first housing society was set up in 1927 under the leadership of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in Gujarat.
Addressing a gathering after inaugurating various projects here, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that when Sardar Patel won the municipal election in Ahmedabad by a solitary vote and became its chairman, he for the first time introduced the concept of urban development. “And, the first experiment was that of creating a housing society to give people from the middle income group houses,” Modi said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that when Pritam Rai Desai was asked to initiate work on this project, and under Sardar Patel’s leadership and guidance, the first housing society was formed in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad.
“Sardar saheb inaugurated it on January 28, 1927 and said it was a new model of development. Since he wanted people to remember this, the place was named Pritam Nagar (after Pritam Rai Desai),” Modi told the gathering. Modi further said that when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he had advocated the use of camel milk because of its nutritional benefits, but he was mocked for it.

“I said camel milk is very nutritious. Being the Chief Minister, I don’t know what crime I committed, but I was mocked at. Cartoons and derogatory comments were made against me. Today, Amul’s chocolates have a huge market and the rate of camel milk is double than that of cow milk,” Modi said.

India will overtake Britain’s economy: PM

ANJAR (Guj),

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday energy is essential for financial development and its paucity does not let any nation come out of poverty. Claiming that the day is not far when India will overtake Britain’s economy, he said while 13 crore families received gas connections in the country in 60 years, his Government gave connections to 10 crore families in the last four years.

Modi was addressing a gathering after inaugurating the Mundra LNG Terminal, Anjar-Mundra and the Palanpur-Pali-Barmer gas transmission projects at Anjar in Kutch district of Gujarat. “Energy is essential for development. Paucity of energy does not let any nation come out of poverty. If one needs freedom from poverty, wants financial development and a self-sufficient country, energy is necessary. Without it, even a mobile phone cannot be charged,”he said. Modi said several PMs and CMs came and went, but he was fortunate to get the opportunity to inaugurate the third LNG (liquefied natural gas) terminal. “Gujarat is the gateway and hub for LNG and the epicentre of energy. As the third LNG terminal is dedicated to the country, all of them will fulfil their responsibility of sending energy to the east coast,” he said. He said there was a time when people were happy with ‘kachcha’ roads, but now people want modern development.

Now, people want railway, highway, i-way, gas grid, water grid, power grid, optical fibre network. In a way people want modern infrastructure, he said.