Empty reservoirs paint grim picture for farmers

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Oct 2018 10:48:46


By Mayank Sharma,


Farmers are worried over scanty rainfall in Kotba region. This region is one of the highest producers of paddy but this year ponds and reservoirs are not inundated, therefore, farmers are distressed as how they will irrigate their crops. Farmers said that never before such a situation had arisen. The reservoirs are not having sufficient water. Two reservoirs under Khamgada project are filled to merely 33 per cent. Khamgada dam, considered to be the lifeline of farmers, is inundated merely 33 per cent, according to government statistics. The crops are withering away in absence of adequate rainfall.

It is to be mentioned that Kotba region had been the highest paddy producer in the Jashpur district for the last several years. More paddy is procured here in comparison to other areas. The farmers are disappointed with scanty rainfall.  All reservoirs in the region are not filled up with the water. In the last few years, reservoirs were inundated but this year these reservoirs are empty. The situation has reached to such a pass that fishes are found lying dead at the bank of reservoirs.

According to information received from revenue department at Collector office, from June 1 to September 26, 999.8 milliliter rainfall was registered. The highest rainfall 1315.6 milliliter was registered in Kunkuri Tehsil, Jashpur Tehsil 1172.4 milliliter, in Manora 1145.6, Duldula 10180.80, Farsabahar 770.2, Bageecha 811, Kansabel 845.2, Patthalgaon 857.8 milliter rainfall registered. District’s average rainfall is 1121,7 milliter.
Patthalgaon and Farsabahar blocks are included in Kotba region. Kotba comes under Patthalgaon block, where lowest rainfall was recorded.

According to information, in Kotba region paddy and other crops are produced in 5 thousand acre land, while in 1500 to 2000 acre khar land, paddy, pulses and lintels are produced. In scanty rainfall, pulses and lintel crops gave good yields whereas paddy producing farmers are in trouble. According to farmers due to scanty rainfall, growth of crops has stopped.

Meanwhile, Water Resource Department SDO SK Dhameeja informed that this year due to scanty rainfall, merely 33
per cent reservoirs are inundated. In such a situation, Water Resource Department will supply water where it is possible, said SDO. Kotba is the only region in the district where farmers do farming entire year and try to take crops three times. Farmers are excited to do farming entire year due to Khamgada reservoir project. Water remains in the reservoir in the entire year.

But this year in the month of September itself farmers are worried. In summer season, water scarcity will deepen.
Farmers Niranjan Banjara, Bheem Sharma, Munchuram Sahu and others said that the farmers are disappointed with the scanty rainfall this year. Farmers said that the district administration should take  initiative so that the farmers are compensated.