SUDARSHAN KRIYA The Healing Breath

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Oct 2018 11:54:58


By Dr Manjusha Hatwar & Dr Rajeshree Patil,

Medical science is currently rediscovering and validating many of the ancient health practices from traditional cultures world wide. Sudarshan Kriya (SK) is one novel practice that is undergoing extensive research to show as an evidence based treatment. Historically, it is the first science to recognise the interconnection between mind, body, emotions and spirit and the role these relationships play in gaining optimal health.

There is strong relationship between the breath and ones emotional state. Every emotion creates a specific rhythm or pattern in breath. For example, When one is afraid the breath becomes fast and shallow.

When depressed the breath is a short inhale followed by a prolonged heavy exhale. And when content the breath is light, with even inhalation and exhalation. Emotions and breathing pattern are like opposite sides of the same coin. Sudarshan Kriya: The Healing Breath is offered through the non-profit Art of Living Foundation, an educational and humanitarian foundation, and Non-governmental organisations of United nations and it is engaged in stress management and service initiatives. People in 155 nations have learned these SK practices.

Over 70 independent studies conducted on four continents and published in peer reviewed journals, have demonstrated a innumerous benefits from practicing SK taught on Art of Living workshops. National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences(N I M H A N S) of India has conducted several of these studies. It concluded that SK has “remarkable therapeutic effects” and “is clinically feasible and effective. It has the potential to become a first line treatment of dysthymic (chronic ,mild depression) patients and possibly in mild and moderate forms of major depressive disorder. Dr Vinod Kochupillai, head of the Cancer Centre at AIIMS, explains the scientific aspect of Sudarshan Kriya: “In today’s society, psycho-neuroimmunology (PNI), often referred to as of mind-body importance, is becoming very popular.

PNI shows how the mind and emotions influence both the nervous and immune systems. For instance, happy people produce chemical messengers, which travel from the nervous system to the immune system, resulting in better health. SK is a unique breathing process, which removes stress from the body. Negative toxins are flushed out and each cell is flooded with new life to energise body and mind.

This experience of centeredness, freedom and fulfillment releases neuro peptides, which influence the immune system positively and hence, the whole physiology Studies conducted at Harvard, USA, revealed that 70-80 per cent patients suffering from AIDS benefited from this process. ( A Harvard University health publication describes research on the SK’s effects on anxiety, stress, depression and over health, saying it “shows promise in providing relief for depression”. Ongoing studies at AIIMS suggest that these processes help cancer patients also. It also helps in controlling the urge to consume tobacco.

” Sudarshan Kriya now a part of 1st year MBBS biochemistry textbook. Biochemistry of Sudarshan Kriya - “If we reduce the number of oxygen radicals, we improve the antioxidant status in our body and live longer.” - Dr Manoj Jain, (Infectious Disease Physician working in Memphis (US). In a pilot study, biochemists at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) studied the effect of SK on the antioxidant status of individuals. Results showed that we can increase our antioxidant levels through SK. Says Ajay Kumar Singla Superintendent,Tihar jail: I have seen tremendous change in the inmates who have done the SK practice.

The quantum of change could not have been achieved through a book or a psychologist. NASA has recommended the Sudarshan Kriya and It is a part of the training for NASA astronauts. It is a part of the training for Miss India Contestants. Sudarshan Kriya has been acknowledged by WHO and UNO.