Truck, Taste and Trend

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 Oct 2018 09:17:22


By Gaurav Lakhe,

THE headline may not suggest any relation between the words used but this is exactly how the current scene of street food ‘industry’ in the city is. It seems, gone are the days when someone used to open food counters on the roadside or ply hand carts with the sole aim of earning bread and butter. Now, the trend of earning livelihood has turned into a passion, a hobby and much more than a mere source of income.

Take a round of some famous streets in city like Dharampeth, fondly called as ‘DP’ by city youths, or Sadar, Poonam Chambers, Pratap Nagar etc, one thing common will definitely be a row of food stalls along the roadside giving the area a look of ‘khaaoo galli’. The best part of this ‘galli’ is that it is not like those old days street food joints. Now, the stall-owners are very particular about hygiene, maintaining a clean look of the space and offering an attractive ambience to customers. And this is also one of the reasons for citizens who are preferring such joints over flashy and costly restaurants.

The new addition to this street food ‘industry’ is trucks! These trucks here are not the ones one sees plying on highways. These trendy trucks are well-modified with all the kitchen-like facilities. And with all these facilities, a ‘mobile’ restaurant hits the street.  These mobile ‘restaurants’ are now successfully catering to the taste buds of foodies across the city.

Anand Kulkarni, who owns one such truck, while talking to ‘The Hitavada’, said, “I am a civil engineer and work for an infrastructure company. It’s only my interest that has made me a part of this street food ‘industry’. Otherwise, I am doing well in my profession.”

Anand runs a trendy food stall (Andy’s) in Pratap Nagar.
When asked about what made him to ‘hit the streets’, Anand, said, “I got the idea when I was working in one of the Gulf countries as a Civil Engineer a few years back. In the cities there, one gets to witness many such trucks, modified with all possible latest kitchen facilities.”
Struck with the similar idea is Vipin Madhvan, a Hotel Management graduate from Tirpude College, Nagpur. Vipin, who also has worked in UAE for 16 years with a retail and market research industry, said, “I had the passion for food and photography. In 2017, when I returned to India due to some personal reasons, I thought of developing the passion and try hands in food industry.” Vipin runs a counter ‘Courtyard’ in IT Park.

Experiences of Anand and Vipin have definitely made it clear and have given a hint that now one does not require or need any family background to try hands in diverse fields. One can become self-reliant entrepreneur following one’s passion.  This is what the Government of India is promoting and appealing young Indians to go for a start-up.