HIPEC, a new ray of hope for cancer patients

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Oct 2018 10:49:52


Staff Reporter,


Surgeons of Ramkrishna Care Hospital saved a cancer patient by removing sections of affected areas and administering Chemotherapy directly at the cancerous cells by using modern technology called as HIPEC.

The 23-year-old women patient, who was in the advanced stage of Appendicular Tumor is expected to live a few more times than what was expected. She might even recover completely as a result of the fourteen hour-long procedures. Besides the Cytoreductive surgery that lasted for twelve hours, Chemotherapy was applied directly on the affected cells in a process that is medically called ‘HIPEC’ or Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy. HIPEC is a technique where a highly concentrated cancer drug is heated and delivered directly into the abdomen during surgery.

Sources revealed that the patient has been suffering from cancer since long and even underwent a surgery one year ago. However, the Balod resident complained of retention of urine and further investigations revealed that there is 20x20 cm mass occupying the pelvis of the patient and small grapes like gelatinous material has spread to whole of the abdomen.

Dr Bharat Bhusan Khurse who is trained in the AIIMS New Delhi in all kinds cancer surgery and HIPEC said that administering direct chemotherapy to the affected region is most effective in certain type of cancer where disease is confined inside the abdomen like cancer of ovary colon appendix etc. Not only helps faster recovery but also prevents side-effects on the other unaffected organs. The hospital is one of the first in the central India to use this technology and its offering this procedure to needy patients at about 1/3rd of the actual cost without compromising safety and quality in any way.