Nail-biting finish likely in Paraswada

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Oct 2018 11:32:03


By Ashish Rajput,

Balaghat’s Paraswada Assembly Constituency No-110 emerged as a hard nut to crack for the political parties. None of the political parties proved one-sided dominance in the constituency in previous three elections. Congress Party, Bharatiya Janata Party and Gondwana Gantantra Party registered victory in previous three elections, while Samajwadi Party and Shiv Sena also registered their strong presence in the constituency.

In the Assembly Elections-2013, total 1,50,654 voters’ turnout was reported against registered number of 1,86,059 voters. Total 13 nominations were filed, one was rejected, three were withdrawn and nine candidates contested elections. Congress Party’s Madhu Bhagat (49,216 votes) registered victory over his closest opponent Bharatiya Janata Party’s Ram Kishore Kanwre (46,367 votes) by the lead of 2,849 votes. Besides this, Samajwadi Party’s Kankar Mujare (35,897 votes) registered his strong presence as third leading candidate. Bahujan Samaj Party’s Durgesh Bisen (8,468 votes), Gondwana Mukti Sena’s Darbu Singh (5,654 votes), Gondwana Gantantra Party’s Barelal Uikay (1,572 votes), independent candidates, Niranjan Sharma (1,046 votes), Ruplal Kutrohe (1,218 votes) and Lokchand Harinkhere (1,216 votes) were the other candidates.

In the Assembly Elections-2008, total 1,23,364 voters exercised their franchise out of total 1,51,629 voters. Total 34 nominations were filed, three were rejected, four were withdrawn and 27 candidates contested election. Bharatiya Janata Party’s Ramkishore Nano Kanwre (36,313 votes) defeated Shiv Sena’s Kankar Munjare (28,247 votes) by the difference of 8,066 votes. Congress candidate Ashok Mandlekar (14,534 votes), Bahujan Samaj Party’s Dongru Bhau Bisen (8,262 votes), Samajwadi Party’s Barelal Uikay (790 votes), Rashtriya Samanta Dal’s Amardas Kanwre (760 votes), Gondwana Mukti Sena’s Darbusingh Uikay (20,475 votes), Janata Dal (United)’s Dilip Choudhary (1,028 votes), Bharatiya Jan Shakti’s Dhanendra Hanwat (700 votes), Gondwana Gantantra Party’s Radheshyam Nagpure (1,893 votes), Rashtriya Lok Dal’s Ramprasad Bisen (451 votes), independent candidates Kishore Choudhary (586 votes), Kankar Bhaiyya (526 votes), Kankar Mohare (401 votes), Chainsingh Bhupatsingh (644 votes), Devras Bhalavi alias Panda Baba (1,833 votes), Prem Seth Bisen (705 votes), Dr. Mulamchand Aide (311 votes), Monu Pusam (198 votes), Manju Uikay (420 votes), Rajendra Dongre (316 votes), Ruplal Samajsevak (455 votes), Lokchand Harinkhere (643 votes), Vikas Khursel alias Vicky Bhaiyya (358 votes), Vishnu Armo (431 votes), Sadashiv Parte (849 votes) and Hai Khan alias Babbu Patel (1,235 votes).

In the Assembly Elections-2003, total 1,07,026 votes were cast against total 1,40,469 voters. Total 12 nominations were filed, three were withdrawn and nine candidates contested elections. Gondwana Gantantra Party’s Darbusingh Uikay (28,623 votes) routed Janata Party’s Kankar Munhare (27,475 votes) by a close margin of 1,148 votes. Congress candidate Vishweshwar Bhagat (24,904 votes) was third leading candidate, while Bharatiya Janata Party’s Sant Narayan Prasad Lilhare (16,772 votes), Republican Party of India (A)’s Kailash Vaidya (1,511 votes), Rashtriya Samanta Dal’s Makhanlal Aide (1,810 votes) Congress candidate Vishweshwar Bhagat (24,904 votes), independent candidates, Kamlesh Ajit (1,542 Congress’ candidate Vishweshwar Bhagat (24,904 votes), Ganesh Meravi (1,243 Congress’ candidate Vishweshwar Bhagat (24,904 votes) and Dr. M. R. Godane (3,164 Congress’ candidate Vishweshwar Bhagat (24,904 votes) were the other contestants.