‘Noise pollution robbing citizens of peace of mind’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Oct 2018 09:35:45


Special Correspondent,

High decibel noise on national, state highways, ring road and internal roads across city, states NEERI in its latest Environmental Status Report

Noise pollution is on the rise in the Orange City, thanks to unnecessary honking by vehicles at traffic signals and roads, busting of fire-crackers and loud DJ Music during processions.

National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), in its latest Environmental Status Report (ESR), has suggested various measures like banning fire-crackers and band music, regulate honking on roads and to create awareness among masses.  NEERI submitted its report to Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) recently.

NEERI monitored ambient noise level 24x7 at selected 51 locations across city. This includes railway stations, national and state highways, airport, traffic junctions, railway tracks, industrial, commercial areas, construction sites, major and minor roads in the city.

As per the report, highest noise was measured at road and railway junction in Somalwada during day and night hours.
According to report, national highway, ring road, state highway, major city roads, internal roads, and industrial zones are noisy at day time.

The noise standards limits in commercial area are 65 dB (A) and 55 dB (A) at day and night time respectively. In case of commercial zones, all the sampling locations crossed the standing limit at day time and night time of the working day. Even though residential areas are not silent as noise pollution higher in these zones. The noise standard limits in residential area are 55 dB (A) and 45 dB (A) at day time and night time. The day time is nosier than night time, the report stated.

NMC has created silence zones like hospitals, schools, and others places in the city. The standard noise limits in silence zones are 50 dB (A) and 40 dB (A) at day and night time but it seems that all the silence zones are not remain silent during day time. These zones crossed the specified standard noise limit.


Recommendations by NEERI to control noise pollution

Initiate Public Awareness to educate about impact of noise pollution

Minimise honking at traffic signals and roads

Regulate vehicles without silencers

Pressure horns must banned in any type of vehicles

Resurface roads with low noise materials such as stone mastic asphalt to reduce noise levels

Put barriers at the construction sites

Ban Crackers and DJ Music during procession

Vegetation buffer zone, street landscaping and road side plantation should develop

Emphasis on use of public transport instead of private vehicles

Traffic Management System should improve for reduction in noise emission level

Start legal action to reduce noise pollution

Silence zone need to be notified

Judicious use of public address system, Loud Music